Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shittest month of the all......

This month is so shitty, nothing good is happening and i just couldn't wait for it to end.

The first 3 weeks had been a total nightmare for me and just when i though i'm gonna reach the home plate soon another shitty player in the game knocked me down by batting out a high flaring

'fly ball'.

Okay~~~so i'm down.

I felt like playing softball right now....batting out furiously against all coming treats....


is the only thing you will be telling yourself....



is the only key


but i'm not and i can't

There're sooooooo many things running through my mind now and i'm helplessly lost. There is no focus point so forget about all the shit i've just said. There'll be pain, tears and never ever mended wounds but avoiding is not going to right now....just live in the current moment, forget about the pass(it's always easier to say than do).......and focus on what needs to be done now.....

Only time will tell and only time will cure.

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