Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm so death.

I hate this. I really really hate this.

Why? Tell me.....

I'm tired of playing guess. Just tell me......

I have soooooooooo much things to dealt with. I'm going nuts. I seek for comfort but i see none.

Industrial training. Scholarship. My dream. My target. Every things......why do it have to happened all at once? Why should i dealt with all this?

What am i?

I just want everything to be fine but why it is so hard?

You gains something, you lost something.

I hate lost!!! I cherish every things!!! but why do you have to take it away from me???

I wish i could have breakdown in tears but i just won't. What the heck?

Tell me. Just tell me......

For the current moment, i just felt like shouting.....'FUCK OFF!!!!!!'

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