Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm becoming botak

The life of a university student is never interesting to me. Funny, how once i thought i'll enjoy this kind of life. Now that i'm here on this path, surprisingly, i discovered that i actually spent most of my times hating every seconds that passed by rather than appreciating every seconds that i spent. I couldn't wait for the moment when all these gonna end. When is all this gonna end??? I want to get out of this cycle as soon as possible.

The routine was never interesting. Imagine spending 4 years times repeating the same old boring stuffs again and again; going for lecture, rushing for assignment, cramming for exam, complaining, sticking nose onto others peoples business, etc......

This morning i have to force myself to wake up at 7am because i have a molecular biology lecture which i gotta attend simply because it is part of my routine. I do not enjoy this at all, even if i did learn something, i got nowhere to apply and to me this is such a waste of times. What's the point of learning when you couldn't apply what you've learnt in your life???

I saw a kitten this morning when i walked out of my front door and i spent a few minutes staring at it just in case i run over it with my bicycle. Then, while i'm removing my bicycle lock i felt something in between my legs and when i looked down the kitten was actually snuggling around my legs. should have hear my scream. I was about to kick it away from me when it looked up at me. Our eyes met. Okay, so my heart melted, it just a kitten anyway. I went back to my room and got some leftover for it before cycling off to campus.
I even though of keeping it as my pet but it's just a though that only survive a few seconds in my mind. On the next seconds....'POOF~~~!' Killed immediately.

Life would have been so much easier if my brain is just as tiny as the kitten.

It'd been 1 year, times do flies...

When you are not reminded, you wouldn't have realized but when you are reminded, you'll suddenly realized how fast the world have changed around you and how much you yourself have changed.

I was reminded in today Genetic lecture. What initially made me chosen this path and what lead me to where i am now. I shed a few tears in class. If only i could have understand this earlier......

The path to making this world a better place for generation after generation is not easy. As long as i'm eligible for it, i'll do it in the name of love.


but before that....let me sleep first please~~~~~~~~~~~~

ARGHHHHH!!!!! I wanna jump lake......

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