Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey is week 13!!! week 13 but why am i still rushing for reports, cramming for mid terms and dealing with the same old issues??? (pulling hairs)

I want a break!!!! A longgggggggggggggg break but there's only 1 week holiday before another series of endless nightmare begin.

'School is like a lollipop. It sucks until it is gone.'


When you get stressed out, express it.......that's what peoples always say right?

and so i did.....

I called one of my best friend.....

Me: 'I'm dying.'
Frenz: 'What happened?'
Me: 'Stress'
Frenz: 'So?'
Me: 'I'm seeking for consolation'
Frenz: 'Wrong person.'
Me: 'The wrong person always turn out to be the right person.'
Frenz: 'Wrong theory'
Me: 'You wouldn't know until you practice that theory out'
Frenz: 'Alright. You have 5 minutes.'
Frenz: 'Don't shout at me like that. It'll hurt my ears okay'
Me: 'I'm done'
Frenz: 'What the F***!!! I'm not a toy to be played around with.'
Me: 'Got anything to update me?'
Frenz: 'Yes!!!'
Me: 'Ears ready.'
Frenz: 'I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!' (tu~~~tu~~~tu~~~)

0.0|||| Okay. In conclusion, do not follow what peoples say and don't try this out.....

Well,'s a summary of my recent daily activities

Everyday, i wake up early in the morning and i.......

1) stick to the chair and desk,
2) lock my eyes on the laptop screen
3) remains in the same old position throughout the whole day
4) skipped breakfast and lunch because i usually forgot
5) sleep only at 6am and the cycle continues on by 10am

Life is too complicated in the morning

Haizzzz.....been listening to Ron Korb, 久石譲, George Winston, Yiruma and Yanni this whole week through....

I usually drown myself in music when life became too hectic and i don't even have the strength to think of anything......When it comes to time like this, is better not to think at all.......just close your eyes and listen.

Nah.....go fill up your space with all these.....LOL.....

Fluto no kakoshi~~~~Rod Korb

I love this very much because it make me feel happy....dunno why....hohohohohoho.....gonna try this out when i have the time......

Nah....the infamous Yanni.....but i love Pedro Eustache more for this piece......

George Winston version of 'Cannon in C'

and of course Yiruma.....

Gotta work on my report......ARGHHH.....enjoy the music...... ciao~~

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