Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 4,(D): Danshui Ah-Gei


Finally i'm back on Danshui. The weather is still damn hot and windy.



Time to eat. After surveying around the area, i decided to fill up my tummy here.


According to the local, this was the shop that gave birth to the infamous Danshui delicacy; Ah Gei so be smart, do not end up buying Ah Gei clone because there're quite a number of shop selling the same thing at the same price around this area.

The shop was damn packed when i reached there and peoples were still buzzing in. I spent some times standing at the doorway scanning for a seat before i realized there is a staircase at the corner. Surprisingly, this shop has 3 floors. The second floor was too packed so i climbed to the third floor. Immediately, a waitress asked, ‘几位?’ and when i reply 'One', she escorted me to a seat near a corner facing the wall.

I sat there for a few seconds and decided to change seat myself.

A better view to enjoy my lunch but the waitress is not that pleased and she came asking me for the reason. I told her the reason and she passed me a pencil, told me to write what i want to eat and call her when i'm done.

Although i felt a bit weird, i still do as i was told, hmmp......since when the customer have to write their own order?

When the waitress came back to collect my order she couldn't help laughing and kept shaking her head. One minute ago, she was giving me this angry face and this minute she was laughing at me. Confused, i asked, 'Erm.....有什么吗?' Then she pointed to the corner of my table and pulled out a menu, '这个啦,不用写啦,填这个就行了。'


Hahahahahahahaha.....(The waitress laughter tailing all the way down)


The menu, these are all they have here.

The waiters here are mainly aunties about the age of my mum, guess that's why they put an aunty cartoon face at the poster there. If i'm not mistaken, i think the boss was an aunty as well.

After waiting for like 5 minutes, my order arrived. Pay before you eat. NTD 30 for this, about Rm3.

The infamous Ah-Gei. About the size of my thumb.

I spent another 1 minutes staring at it because i don't know where to dig in first. It was served hot, so hot that it'll burn your tongue and it look + smell funny.

The moment i dug in, i regretted because there was this weird stuff that looked exactly like the rat intestine i dissected back in the lab but since i already paid for it, i must finish it.

Closing one eye, i stuffed the slippery rat intestine into my mouth, believing that i'm so gonna develop a severe stomaches after this but turned out, i was wrong, it was actually Tongfun. =_=||| It just appeared like this because it had taken in the colour of the soup.

Rat intestine anyone???

So, how was the taste???

I would not say it was bad but i wouldn't rate it with 5 stars either. It was just normal. Nothing special except for the look. I wonder why they named it Ah-Gei anyway, maybe you guys should try to ask them this when you happen to be there. need ask the video to find out lo......

For those who can't wait to try it, maybe you should consider making one yourself. Check out this video......

For those who want to know more about this infamous this....but don't get know lar...this sort of show, whatever also haf to say it taste good one....tot it taste like shit....


  1. wah, how to make the photo so big? :P i've been here during CNY this year, only see people.. hahaha.. can't even see the original street look...hahaha

    nice post!


    You upload all your photo there and copy the html coding. Then paste it on your post.

    If you direct upload your photo trough blogger, automatically, it will become thumbnail, shrink in size.

    ^_^ hope that help.

  3. Hi there, mind sharing how to get to the Ah Gei stall from the mrt station? Thanks :)



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