Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 4,(C): The locals of Bali + Foods

  • Have endless questions......'N' questions......
  • Mainly elder
  • Helpful
  • A bit impatient
  • Darker skin colour
Based on what i've observed. Lol~~~~well story below.....

Got my ass out from Shihsanhang Museum and waited for the Red30 bus at the bus stop. I was staring at the map when suddenly i heard a very weak voice emerged from my side.

'你里来?' ('Where are you from?')

Hearing this, i fold down my map and saw an old man with his tongkat staring up at me, smiling.
But before i can answer him....

another voice popped up from behind me.......

another aunty asked me another question.....
Hahaha....though i'm a little bit annoyed but i still answer politely.


'去码头哦,那要乘巴士,红色30号' said aunty A.
'一个人吗?’ asked the old man.

Hell no~~~~!!!!


should i say thank?

Then the three of them kept pouring out more and more question.


=_=||| Bus ar~~~~Faster come lar wei~~~~

As if god hear my praying, the bus finally arrived, quickly, i line up at the very first but then.....


I don't want to stuck here with aunties

Then along came two white mens.........

Ah Mo A:'What did he said?'
Me: 'He said is too full for more passengers.'
Ah Mo A: 'Oh, but it's not. I see there're still a lot of spaces'
Me: 'Oh really? I didn't notice that but that's what he told me.'
Ah Mo A: 'Too bad. We'll have to wait for another 20mins.'
Me: '20 minutes! Oh, that's a lot of times.'
Ah Mo A: 'Yeah, is better to get a taxi. Hey!!! You can speak English~~~!!!'
Me: 'Yes~~~' =_=||||

Then another ah mo came and asked me the same old question....

Ah Mo B:'他说什么?'
Me:'He said the bus is too full for more passengers. Oh, you can speak Mandarin!'
Ah Mo B:'可以,没问题. 你的口音is very different. You're not local is it?'
Me:'Yeah, i'm not. I'm a tourist.'
Ah Mo B:'Where are you from?
Ah Mo B:'Oh. You're from Malaysia no wonder your slang is quite different.'
Me: 'Are you local?'
Ah Mo B:' Yeah, we work here. Been staying here for quite sometimes already.'
Me: 'Is there an alternative way to get back to the ferry wharf beside taking bus?'
Ah Mo B:' Yeah, taxi....but i din't see any now.'
Me: 'Guess, i'll have to wait for the next bus.'
Ah Mo B:'Yeah'.

'Hey!!! You can speak English~~~!!!'
'Oh, you can speak Mandarin!!!'


After i got down from the bus, i found myself lost again. =_=||||
Then i wandered around the street, trying to look for a signboard but i saw none so i gave up looking for one.

The street is very quiet. Not a single soul around but when i peek inside this shop, it was damn packed. Okay, now i knew where all the souls were.
Zhang MaMa Old Shop
Know what to expect inside......

I scanned for the price only. Cheapest is Rm6. Wa....ciao...bye bye....

Passed by a temple. Pretty nice but i don't have the time to check this out.

According to the map it read '大X爷庙''....fill up the X yourself lo....cuz i also dunno how to read that two i just call it DA Ye miao only......

Finally, i'm back on track.......thank goodness.
To the left: Bali Wharf

Passed by Bali Night Market......
Fruits stall.....nothing special tot....

I didn't bought anything here cause my basophils cells wouldn't allow me to....


Boarding the ferry.....~~~
Remind me of Hong

Danshui i'm coming back~~~~

My advice to you if you are planning to visit Bali.


  • Confuse Bali with the Bali Island in Indonesia or the one in China.
  • Dont be greedy. Choose the best theme for yourself.

Outta here...hope my infos here help...

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