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Day 4,(B): Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology

What so special about this museum?

Haha.....a damn good question. If only i thought of that before i put a tick on my map. Seriously, you can skip this part if you are planning to go to Bali. Nothing much to see here actually but if you are someone who love history, might as well pay this museum a visit to learnt about the history of Bali Island and its native peoples.

I'm here because of the word archaeology......=_=V. Yeah, i love that word.....and because of that word i found myself here. Pretty idiot actually....

The structure of the museum was very nice and i later learnt from the tour guide that it was an award winning bla bla bla bla museum. No wonder lar......

Take a look at this....


Staircase as hor....

Information on the map said there is a coffee shop up there, but i decided to check back with it later if i still have some extra time left.

Okay, so the entrance to this museum was pretty weird. Is heading downward instead of upward or just straight. Is like walking into a basement carpark like that.

A security guard standing at the entrance opened the door for me and greeted me welcome. polite....dunno later will charge me super expensive entrance fee bo.

Well, no worry about that, entrance is free and they even provide free tour guide service who'll explain every things in detail to you.

I have a hard time signing up for this though because the reception desk lady couldn't understand my poor mandarin.

Me: 'Hi. 你好.'
Her: '请问有什么问题吗?'
Me: '我想问,你们有没有那个....erm....那个.....erm.....tour guide?'

I forgot how to say 'tour guide' in mandarin.

Her: 'Har? 什么?请你在说一次.'
Me: 'Tour guide.'
Her: 'Har? 什么 tok gai?'
Me: 'erm....那个...导导导.....erm...导.....' (still thinking hard)
Her: '是导揽吗?'
Me: 'Ah...yes yes yes.....'
Her: '有啊,一点钟,也就快了,你在这里写上名字就好了'

导揽 also don't know how to say, so xia shoi lo....~~~~
She pasted a green small dot sticker on my cloth after i wrote my name big big there on the form and then i waited for them to called out to the rest who are joining this tour. After everyone have arrived including some non-register aliens, the tour began.

My tour guide. Sorry lo....FOC* leng ah pek only lo....

By the way, i'm the youngest there lo....all uncles and aunties......

He began by explaining why the entrance was built this way.....bla bla bla bla....i couldn't understand a words he said because he was speaking in 台语 but i still attempt to understand him until i must have looked like some wide-eyes alien with the mouth hanging in mid air and one big question mark on the face.

Then one of the uncle spotted my alien expression and goes 'Hahaha' at me.....Only then the ah pek realized that i do not understand and went back to speak in Mandarin.'s what inside.....


Need i explain all ar??? Better don't go yourself then you know lo.....

Ok lar...i'll tell you a bit lo.....

From left to right.....
1) The plane that discovered this island.
2) Ancient rubbish dump which was buried 13meters/feets/lines(i'm damn 'good' in measurement)deep down the ground level. This is why they named the natives ;Shihsanhang peoples.
3) Closed up view of the rubbish dump.
4) Rubbish also. (Actually i forgot what it is)
5) Au Stone or Tu stone.(Dunno how to read that) Tool used for hitting stuff...that's why it is au or tu(whatever lar). If you give me this stone, i'll probably assume it as normal stone and threw it away.
6) Some broken pieces of pottery.
7) How they preserved this whole thing. Did i tell you this is all real??
8) Ancient well.

This one real or not...i donno. Spooky but not interesting, unless they make it jump up and say hello.

Next, i was brought into a room where they explain everything electronically. Yeah, like watching drama like that lo, just that your screen is actually drawing on the wall plus very good sound effect. They turn all the light off in this room and when they tells the story, light will be shown on the specific drawing which apply to the story. Why the museum i'd visited in my homeland never do like this ar???

The story was told in Mandarin but there's a small tiny screen which translate everything in English. The name of the story was “A Day in the Life of Shihsanhang Man.”

After this, i found myself inside a big big room with lots of boring antiques on display.

1) Dolphine bones' found here because the natives ate dolphines.
2) Tools
3) Stone tools for playing masak.
4) Dunno what it is.
5) Hang, Tang and Sung dynasty coins. This means trading with China happened here.
6) Jade
7) Ugly Bronze knife handle with faces.
8) Ladies accessories. You give me i also don want lo. I wonder why the ancient girls will think these are leng. The left side one are all ear rings. big and heavy.
9)Ladies necklaces....
10) Beautiful pottery. This one i admit is nice.
11) More pottery in different sizes. The brown is the real one, white is mending purpose only. Not real.
12 & 13) Some small decorative made out of jade.
14) Mr. and Mrs. Spooky.

Actually you can skip all the above. Just look for these two things especially the one on the left. Take a photo with it and get your butt out for something else.

Left: Anthropomorphic Jar
Right: Anthropomorphic figurine (Spot the ear, one side is gone and this tell us that the native peoples have big ears)

or maybe if you like Mr. Spooky...might as well check him out.


He was buried this way, head facing the position of the river for some dunno what purpose. Some said, they buried it this way to save space. Luckily i'm not an archaeologist. Why bother about all this??? I'll rather get some hairs or tooth specimens, sit inside the lab and try to clone Mr.Spooky back to life and then i can ask all i want lar.....

This is the end of the tour. I'd checked out the exhibition going on inside here but i donno what it is about. To save time, i just roughly walked passed all the antiques, took some photos and leave.


1) The title of the exhibition.
2) Axe made out of jade. Ancient peoples damn rich lar wei....
3) Jade tube. Forgot what purpose.
4) This thing come in pairs but other half was never discover. I also dunno what it is....but one thing for sure. Find the other half and you can earn some money.
5) Dunno what also but i got one necklace which look exactly like this from my papa. It was hanged on my neck for more than 6 years. Now i dunno where it went already.
6) Taiwanese very active one. You see the least still got soul but sorry leng zai and leng lui all ah pek, uncles and aunties and~~~~~

Not forgetting....


1) A kid jeling me for staring at his drawing so i have to cut out his eyes here.
2) This stuff seem fun.
3) Wakao...what is this.....but is fun lo doing the coloring. I played until all papers finish baru i run....

To the 4th floor.....the lady told me they don't have 3rd floor.

1) "If you wear the skirt, please do walk the both sides." Muahahahahahaha!!!!! but really got people down there lo...
2) See, i pijak on someone umbrella.
3) Another drawing that tells what you are looking at.

This is the so called 'Time Bridge'. Seriously, i dunno what the whole thing is about. Spot the two very cute kids behind me.


Oh well, done with the museum but no time for climbing staircases and off i went to the bus stop.

To be continued~~~~

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