Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 4,(A): In which feet and metro are fully utilized....

The fourth days here in this big city~~~~

I got up pretty late in the morning and quickly dumped every things into my luggage. Rushed up to the highest floor for my last breakfast at this hotel, checked out, said 'Thank you' to the reception lady for her service and taken the metro ride to Ximending. Reached Ximending within 10minutes but not knowing my direction, i found myself lost again and wasted about 39minutes hunting on the street for a signboard of my hotel.

Finally found the place i'll be staying for the next 3 days by 10.50am and was told that i'll have to wait for the guests to check out before i can check in. My time is running out, so i left my luggage to the reception desk aunty, informed the rest that i wanted to go to Danshui on my own today and left immediately.


Weather Condition: 35 degree Celsius

Destination: Danshui (Danshui old street, Danshui waterfront, Hobe Fort, Fuerte Santo Domingo ,Red Castle, Fisherman Wharf, The British Consulate, Tamkang University, Adelaide University, Oxford College) and Bali (Bali Market, Bali Left Bank Park, Shinhanshang Museum)

Must Eat: A-Gei, Iron eggs, Danshui Fish Ball, Fish Crips, Sour Plum Drinks, Giant Ice cream, etc.

Duration: 9am-7.00pm (Failed because i have to wait for the rest to pack)

Inside the backpack: Notebook, Pen, Maps, NT2000, Youthtravel Card, Taipei Easypass Card, Srtiking red umbrella, A bottle of drink, Sony Cybershot 7.2MP camera (pathetic lei~~), MP4, Handphone, Plasters and Spectacles.

The ride from Ximending Station to Danshui Station took me about 50minutes, was lucky to get a seat inside the metro but i'm just warming the place for an old lady who boarded the metro on the next station. See.....i'm so courtesy.

I spent my times rescheduling every things with Kana Nishino singing wistfully in the background all way long. I would have more time to observe the peoples around if my schedule is not all messed up.

When i finally look up, this is what i saw.

Finally reached Danshui Station. The next move is to go to the travel information center for a map and detail informations regarding the bus route, ferry charge and so on. The lady there is not very informative and i tell you what....she gave me wrong information and showed me the wrong way!!! >.

Me: May i know how much time is needed to get from point A-B? The next bus to get there is around what time?
Her: Bus.....You don't need a bus. Is accessible by foot, is just a short walk of 25minutes from here to here.
Me: Oh...i see. Thank you very much.

Remember what she told me ar........~~~

The weather was pretty sunny and windy so i put on my umbrella but it is so hard for me to walk that i gave up and bought a hat for NT100. Big mistake!


Loitering around Danshui Waterfront, checking out the stalls, try this and that but didn't buy any things. aunty i am. Bought my ferry ride tickets at NT39, 2 ways round to Bali Island. I think is expensive lo.....

Reached Danshui Ferry Wharf. Waiting in line to board the ferry to Bali.

A happy me on board

Reached Bali Wharf. I was the last one to get down the ferry and when it was my turn, a strong wind suddenly decided to put me on test, i nearly lost all my balance because the ferry was so shaky. The fisherman nearby who was watching my every moves burst out laughing when my hat suddenly decided to follow the wind direction. Luckily, i was fast enough but at the same time i fall down and almost sprain my legs. Phew~~~mum crocs saved my leg.

12.07pm - 12.20pm





Walk along Bali Left Bank Park under the hot sun. Checked out Furong Fortress. Cursing (is already 1 hour lar.....).

Reached Taipei County Sustainable Development Education Center. Hang around inside this place for shed but there is no air-con. Nothing much inside here, is all information about Wetland. There's a visitor information center nearby and i walked in to ask about the route and....

Me: Hi. May i know how far i'll still have to walk to get from this point to here? (Anxiously pointing on the map)
She: Here!!!! Are you sure you want to walk??? Is have to take a bus.
Me: = =|||
She: = =||| Anything i can help? (I guess my expression that time scared her)
Me: >.<>
she: Oh. You just walk out from here. Turn left and go straight and you'll see the signboard.
Me: Thank you.


Waited at the bus station along with a Japanese Couple and because it was so boring the three of us began to chat. Luckily i got revise for my Japanese, or else i'll embarrass myself. The bus finally came at 1.04pm.
Bicycles are for rent everywhere

Finally reached my destination. Glanced at my watch and was surprise that it only took me a minute to arrive here by bus.

To be continued~~~

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