Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What it is like to sell ice cream under the hot sun?

Most probably the ice cream will be consume by me before i'm even able to sell one.

Okay now......

Imagine this....

The day was hot and sunny, solar power beaming at its strongest point on the back of an old man and all he has was a small umbrella for shed, a hand-bell, and an old rusty bicycle to aid him from walking 3km or more around the small town. Along with the old man, is what his make a living out of it, what lies inside a small metallic box fixed at the back of the bicycle. Despite the condition of the weather, he do not fret and not a frown was seen on his old and sweaty face. Slowly, steps after steps, he rang his hand-bell and pushed his bicycle forward.


Seriously, this is so not something i would wrote, is so not my style....= =|||

erm....better put it in my usual way of writing. Okay....where am i....haha

Yep, i've bounced into this old man yesterday while on my way back home. He was pushing his bicycle and ringing the bell in front of me. Selling his hand-made ice cream. Staring at the back of this old man, he gave a me sense of grieve and so....i called out to him and brought some ice cream from him. He was damn happy....hmmp....and because he was damn happy and i want him to be more happy, i ended up buying the whole box. >.<|||| I totally forgotten that i'm on a diet!!!!! >.<|||
Roti ice cream for Rm1 least someone is happy....that's a good thing right? = =||| hmmp.....gaining kgs just for pasting a smile on someone face. Worth it??? = =||| I donno......

Hmmp.....but one thing for sure....

This is me cycling from Westlake to Campus.......

(Pointing to the sun) I curse you sun!!!! Why came out at this time???

(Pointing to the lake) I curse you!!!! Stupid lake!!!!! Why you are at the middle of Westlake and Utar???

(Pointing to my bicycle + kicking) I curse you!!!! Stupid bicycle!!! Why you don't have engine???

and while cycling......

(Eyes firing blaze to the cyclist in front)!!! Faster lar!!! Cycle so slow!!! Blocking my path!!! Damn hot lar!!!! Get out of my way if you want to do turtle......

Then goes all the way cursing......

Stupid staffs......why set my class to end at this hour? #@$^@^$!#@$@#^#$^@%
Stupid Utar.....when only want build that bridge?

and this is the answer he gave me when i asked.....'Did you cycle from old town to here?'

No, i push + cycle a little bit to here. I do this everyday so it is still okay for me.

Wa......beat me!!! I should have a photo of this old man.. I'll make sure i did the next time i see him.

Now....who want ice cream???


  1. but quite cheap le.. RM1 only. you bought the whole box and finished it? on your own?

    means the man cycle from old town ah? very far one meh?

  2. U came here mar know lo....

    Yeah...i ate >.<|||



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