Saturday, July 31, 2010

The test is over~~~YOYO~~~

I sprained my back and i felt like is going to split into half in no time. Bad bad luck......

Anyway, finally the mid term is over. Good news is i managed to cram all 13 chapters in one night. Bad news is i wrote all craps in my paper.

Page 1.....K.O.
Page 2.....K.O.
Page 3.....K.O.
Page 4......Yo finally got one question i know de.......LOL~~~~

Feeling so relieve after the test, i decided to check out the newly opened restaurant in Westlake since i saw Sarawak Kolomee on their menu and their mee is really wearing the look of Sarawak Kolomee.

The place was packed with students when i reached there so i have to sit outside of the restaurant. The kolomee cost me Rm5.6 which is bloody hell expensive and it doesn't taste as good as the one in my hometown. It is not enough to even fill up my small tummy so i decided to eat for another round.

I ate the whole pizza......!!!!

feeling so full after eating the pizza ....i went for a walk at the park......

and saw a sunflower.......^_^

Everything will be fine.....hohohohohohohohoho.........

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  1. apalah la.. eat up whole pizza. u are not young oredi. you think you body can burn up those fat?



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