Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm sad


I just received my molecular biology test result and it was not as what i expected. I never thought that i will score this low. Is so hard to believe. I kept calculate again and again but a fact is a fact. What is wrong with 0.34 ar??? I used that but the lecturer want 0.33........and she circle every 0.34 on my paper. I just don't get it. Why??????????????????????

Isn't that 0.33 and o.34 are both acceptable for B-DNA?????

I'm so sad!!!!! My friends who study with me all score above 50 and i'm the only one below 50. T_T why like this? I am so confident after the test but this is what i got in return.

Today is really not my lucky day.....

My bicycle tyre just got punctured by broken glasses beside the roadside. I wonder which noob leave it there. Later have to take bus to campus.......ZZZZZZzzzzZZZzzzzzz

Is the second times this lucky i am.....

Inject twice. Repair bicycle twice. Dyed my hairs twice. Hopefully my genetic paper is not going to end up like this.......


  1. bad week eh~ cheer up a bit la~ bad things will over one day~ very soon!

  2. you guys already did....^^



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