Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Jetlagged

This is just a very brief update....

On Tuesday,

I finally met up with my dearest friend Janice. She is still as pretty as before.
We went to Sunway Pyramid. Loss out way at KL. Chatted non-stop. Dined at Wong Kok. Ate Japanese's ice cream. Loitered around Sunway. I'm hunting for a khaki pant to Taiwan while she hunts for dresses to London. Finally, ended up buying nothing and went to Putrajaya.

Is amazing that both of us still have so much to share although we did not meet for 3 years more. I was so happy and i want to say Thank You Janice......!!! You are the best!!!! Have a smooth journey to London!!!!

I reached Kota Kinabalu by 10.30pm. Pissed off Raymond because i forgot to inform him that i'm flying with MAS.

Got up at 4.10am to prepared for today flight at 7am. We are joined by Joanne. Depart at 8am sharp. Saw Mount Kinabalu on air. Photo is with Joanne since my camera decided to take a day off at the worst timing. >.<

It takes us 2 days to climb to the summit of Mount Kinabalu but it only took less than 10minutes or more for an aircraft to climb to the same altitude as the mountain.

The three of us slept for the whole way. I'm tired because i didn't slept for the passed 24 hours. Raymond and Joanne as well. Is a smooth journey. No turbulence encounter but is a bit foggy when we crossed South China Sea.

Finally reached our destination by 9.45am. The airport was quite large. Since we have to wait for my sister and her friends to arrive, i decided to check out the museum nearby.

Alright....update still here....will be back soon.........

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