Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm back to hell

Wa!!!! You are finally back!!!! Where is my present???

Oh my!!!! Finally you are back!!!! How was Taipei? Fun?

Yo!!!! Back edi ar~~!!!!

Wei!!!! So long dint seen you!!!! Taipei fun or not?

I'm waiting for your story!!!! How was Taipei???

What i heard when i got back to campus yesterday and today. Taipei is fun or not? Erm.....well...depend lo~~~if you love foods and shopping then it's a paradise for you.

I'm back my friend and please come and claim your gift. Lol~~~~

Gift is the hardest part of my journey......Dunno what to bring back for you guys. I found myself counting with my ten fingers and my ten toes whenever i'm inside the MRT just to summed up the total number of my gifts but still, so many peoples are left out.....LOL~~~~~hahahahahahaha....because i'm too kiam siap to buy at the last minute......LOL.......

So, next time ar.....if you guys want any stuff please do give me some cash and i'll help you buy....LOL~~~~~Michelle did pass me Rm100 but in the end i also bought nothing.....LOL~~~~~

Not forgetting Shyuan's CD.....>.<>

Haizzz......really wish i can rewind the time and buy all the things i want.....LOL~~~~feeling so lazy to update....

I just went to see another doctor and he gave me an injection.....after that i went back home and slept for the whole noon. So drowsy after the injection. Cost me Rm45 for all the medicine.....Next time go Taiwan eat anything must ask what is that before consuming.....

Stupid prawn or whatsoever from the sea......make me wasted Rm45......= =|||

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  1. Hi Jong, U got a drowsy-causing jab again - after your Taipei trip?

    Could it be a food allergy? Seafood is a common cause. What happened?

    Hope U get well soon! :-)



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