Sunday, July 4, 2010

If that's the thing you likes and you want it to be your. DO IT!!!!!

I wonder why sometimes some peoples are just too afraid to goes after some things they desire so much and they needs to seek around for others peoples approval before taking their first step.

Seriously, THIS IS SO STUPID!!!! don't mind me....i'm just too annoyed when peoples kept on and on asking me the same old question of which i had answered for like sooooooooooo many times that i decided to post this out. Is bugging on my nerves now!!!!!

Okay, first thing first, I AM A JERK!!! and i'm not afraid to admit it.
I can even tell you that I AM A BITCH!!!! If you prefer calling me that.........

So what? I don't care because i got my own life to take care of and most importantly i am a happy bitch......but when i look at you......Oh my!!! You are so miserable!!! You are not happy!!! You are grumpy!!!! and most importantly You are always following other peoples footsteps!!!!

When you are living in the dreams of other people. How will you be happy??? Because that is not what you want!!!! and THAT IS NOT YOU!!!!!!

If you felt like slapping me now. Go ahead and slap me(but i'll slap you back for sure), if that will awake you, I don't mind.

Seriously, i'm tired of seeing the same old things happening again and again. I am not perfect!!!! I make mistake too!!!! Countless!!! but I get up quickly when i fall!!!!!!

and i am not afraid to fall again!!!!

and you!!!!


ello~~~what do you expect???

Someone to come over and drag you up???? I tell you what, don't spent too much time watching drama. In reality, if you don't get up, you'll probably be left behind and don't get jealous over people success then.

and the things i couldn't stand the most.....

when you do get up on your own, you are afraid of changes!!!!!!!!!!! afraid to face the new challenges of which your first step will lead you!!!!! afraid of how others may look at you!!!!! afraid of where you might end up!!!!!

Afraid of this and that!!!!!!


Why spent your valuable time in life waiting for others to make you feel better???
Why spent your valuable time waiting for others people approval before you goes chasing after some things so precious to you?
Why spent your time worrying over things that couldn't be predicted???

Why spent your valuable time trying to copy the way peoples live their lives?????


Why ar???

Although you are my friend but i still get annoyed when you kept on and on asking me questions like.....

Can i do like this?
Do you think this is good for me?
What do you think the consequences will be?

Ello~~~~?? This may seems more like seeking for advices but actually these are those questions i'm very afraid of answering. Why?

Because those who posted these questions out actually have the answer with them already. They are just seeking for confirmation to the answers.

And it's so scary man when they start hating me for giving them different kinds of answer......different from what other peoples told them........


See. Now you understand why i choose not to comment over some things. It doesn't means i don't care okay.......

Take for example.....i chatted with this friend of mine in msn last night.

A asked me: 'Do you think this is good for me?'
Me : 'Oh, is good lar of course. Suit you wua.....Just do it.....'
A : 'You really think so.'
Me : 'I don't think so but you think so is so lo~~~~'
A : '= =, so is what so.'
Me : 'So so lo....'
A : ' Sohai that So.....?'
Me :' Nah...i didn't said it said yourself'
A : 'Am i a sohai? Do you really think so? Well, i tell you what. You are not way different from me either so stop acting as if you know more over some things.'
Me: 'ZzzzzZzzzzZzzzzz.....I know more over what?'
A :'What?'
Me :'What?'
A :'What?'
Me :'You babi!!! Crayon Sin Chan is even more mature than you!!!'
A :' know what?
Me :'What?'
A :'Is this the only word you can say? huh?'
Me :'Eh...Mr...FYI, i'm getting bored over this conversation.'
A :'Don't be rude to me.'
(Signed off after that and went to torture other ppl)

See.....afraid to admit and when you did point out the mistakes, they can't accept it.

I better shut up or else i'll bored my reader with more and more complaints.....

Just remember lar....

The rest will flow in a fashion beyond your wildest dreams so don't worry too much.....

Signing off for enzymology....


  1. well.. perhaps some people dont have that self-confidence.. =/

  2. You will get used to it. I have friend who always ask me question, but doesn't seem to hear me.

  3. ur rite! ppl nowadays nid 2 stop watching those princess drama stories! already 20 something still act like somebody will decide everything 4 u n make a beautiful future 4 u...



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