Friday, July 16, 2010

I walk..i eat....i walk....i eat

Waken up by the light streaming through the small gap of the 7.30am here in Taipei.
My friends were all still sleeping, probably too tired from yesterday trip. Why am i always the early bird here?

So far, i already spent about Rm500. Lolz~~ for foods, drinks, transport, tickets and shoes.............= =||| Seriously, i'll be left stranded on the street here if i continues to spent like this. Hahahahaha......

Look at all can i not be tempted??

Flat ranging price from Rm18.8 - Rm 59

Heels from Rm39 - Rm98

Damn cheap man~~~!!!! Too bad they don't have my size. The lady told me the largest shoes size in Taipei was either 39 or 40. Bigger than that they don't have but most of the shoe store here only have up to 39.......and the big feet me needs 40. = =|||| Is a good thing they don't have my size. I won't spent more money mar.......

We went to check out Taipei Zoo yesterday. Seriously, i'm bored to the hell!!!! My sister lo....say want see panda.....and i found myself stuck here for 5 hours......ZzzzzzZZZZzzzzzz

and finally the best part was.....we get to see the panda.....but

Need i explain more???

Felt like climbing inside and strangle the panda.........

Group photo of us in front Taipei Zoo Gate

I'll upload the details soon.....

Initially we planned to check out Miranda Entertainment Park after Taiping Zoo but i decided to check out a place call Maokong and i forced all of them to joined me....wakakaka.

Inside the Gondola going uphill to Maokong

We ate there. Got loss and walk about 25minutes back to the station.

I forgot what the heck is this but its got something to do with the local there

After Maokong, we went back to the hotel for a break and went to Ximen for dinner. Then went to check out another night market at Long Shan Shi.....Eat eat eat eat buy buy buy buy.....and went back

I gotta go prepare. Checking out Taipei city, Danshui.....and so on today......

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