Saturday, July 31, 2010

The test is over~~~YOYO~~~

I sprained my back and i felt like is going to split into half in no time. Bad bad luck......

Anyway, finally the mid term is over. Good news is i managed to cram all 13 chapters in one night. Bad news is i wrote all craps in my paper.

Page 1.....K.O.
Page 2.....K.O.
Page 3.....K.O.
Page 4......Yo finally got one question i know de.......LOL~~~~

Feeling so relieve after the test, i decided to check out the newly opened restaurant in Westlake since i saw Sarawak Kolomee on their menu and their mee is really wearing the look of Sarawak Kolomee.

The place was packed with students when i reached there so i have to sit outside of the restaurant. The kolomee cost me Rm5.6 which is bloody hell expensive and it doesn't taste as good as the one in my hometown. It is not enough to even fill up my small tummy so i decided to eat for another round.

I ate the whole pizza......!!!!

feeling so full after eating the pizza ....i went for a walk at the park......

and saw a sunflower.......^_^

Everything will be fine.....hohohohohohohohoho.........

Friday, July 30, 2010

You will become a good pilot.....^_^

This photo was taken a year ago.

The determination in your eyes tell me that you will become a pilot one day. really make it now.......

I'm lost for words.

So happy for you.......

and I'm anxious to see your botak head now......hehe.....

Have a smooth journey~~~~!!!!!!

This song summed up everything you'd been through so far....and i dedicate this to you.....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm sad


I just received my molecular biology test result and it was not as what i expected. I never thought that i will score this low. Is so hard to believe. I kept calculate again and again but a fact is a fact. What is wrong with 0.34 ar??? I used that but the lecturer want 0.33........and she circle every 0.34 on my paper. I just don't get it. Why??????????????????????

Isn't that 0.33 and o.34 are both acceptable for B-DNA?????

I'm so sad!!!!! My friends who study with me all score above 50 and i'm the only one below 50. T_T why like this? I am so confident after the test but this is what i got in return.

Today is really not my lucky day.....

My bicycle tyre just got punctured by broken glasses beside the roadside. I wonder which noob leave it there. Later have to take bus to campus.......ZZZZZZzzzzZZZzzzzzz

Is the second times this lucky i am.....

Inject twice. Repair bicycle twice. Dyed my hairs twice. Hopefully my genetic paper is not going to end up like this.......

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Never DDIY!!!!

I did some thing very stupid today. Lesson learnt here....Never DDIY!!!!

DDIY = Don't Do It Yourself

T_T this is the colour of my hairs now.....


Wa~~~~!!! I look so much like LaLa Mui.....

That i cannot bear staring at myself for one more second.

Luckily i got Bond to help me out......Phew~~~~

At least is not that scary now.....but my hairs are more or less the same like straw now......


Another lesson learnt here......Do not overslept for class.....

If i'm at the campus....i wouldn't have the time to DIY and officially turned myself into scary Jong.....


No head go campus tomorrow......

Love in Disguise

Directed by LeeHom....

I wanna watch this....hand up....if you wanna watch it with me....

Around August....i guess....

Monday, July 26, 2010

A message to daddy.....

Decided to pay Ipoh another visit.....and off we go......

A Happy Jest

Sorry dad. I went shopping yesterday.

and.....i spent________

I want to try everything

and i needs _________ now

because i'm _______

Mirror too short lar~~~

Hoho....i didn't bought anything lar.........except for a hearth.....

This is for you dad.....and my bank account number is........

Spotted a girl who look extremely like Jing Jing

Didn't manage to get my haircut but i did manage to reach home....LOL~~~~

Dad...i also want _____ to cut my hairs.......


Saturday, July 24, 2010

The aftermath

1) Bruised feet. Total number of plasters used up = > 40

2) 22kg of luggage to unpack + Tons of laundry

3) Skin allergy >.<
4) Strawberry and cherry (tomato??) from friend.....LOL~~~~

The last part cheer me up....^_^

Thank you.

I'm back to hell

Wa!!!! You are finally back!!!! Where is my present???

Oh my!!!! Finally you are back!!!! How was Taipei? Fun?

Yo!!!! Back edi ar~~!!!!

Wei!!!! So long dint seen you!!!! Taipei fun or not?

I'm waiting for your story!!!! How was Taipei???

What i heard when i got back to campus yesterday and today. Taipei is fun or not? Erm.....well...depend lo~~~if you love foods and shopping then it's a paradise for you.

I'm back my friend and please come and claim your gift. Lol~~~~

Gift is the hardest part of my journey......Dunno what to bring back for you guys. I found myself counting with my ten fingers and my ten toes whenever i'm inside the MRT just to summed up the total number of my gifts but still, so many peoples are left out.....LOL~~~~~hahahahahahaha....because i'm too kiam siap to buy at the last minute......LOL.......

So, next time ar.....if you guys want any stuff please do give me some cash and i'll help you buy....LOL~~~~~Michelle did pass me Rm100 but in the end i also bought nothing.....LOL~~~~~

Not forgetting Shyuan's CD.....>.<>

Haizzz......really wish i can rewind the time and buy all the things i want.....LOL~~~~feeling so lazy to update....

I just went to see another doctor and he gave me an injection.....after that i went back home and slept for the whole noon. So drowsy after the injection. Cost me Rm45 for all the medicine.....Next time go Taiwan eat anything must ask what is that before consuming.....

Stupid prawn or whatsoever from the sea......make me wasted Rm45......= =|||

Monday, July 19, 2010 the red house

Is 2.00am over here in Taipei but here's one story i wanna share before going to bed. Anyway, the Karaoke night club beside my hotel is so damn noisy now i guess it'll took me some times to fell asleep.

As far as i'm concern, the peoples over here in Taipei seldom drink coffee. They drink tea. = = and yes....those who knew me for sure will know that i'm a coffee lover who can't survive without caffeine....imagine...a coffee lover like me have to go on for 3 days without coffee. Ew~~~yeah~~~you probably have guess it correctly....i went nuts....!!!!!!

Is 3 days!!!! I didn't drink coffee for 3 days.....Lol~~~~so unbelievable....

and that's when i open the map and start looking for a coffee cafe....

Then I saw this few lines claiming that they have a coffee cafe inside this place call 'The Red House' and so off i went......

and.....tada~~~~i'm finally here at the coffee cafe

Just that what they are selling is not coffee but......



So, i went exploring around this place.....

I wish i have some history to tell here but i'm scare i'll bore my reader with old grandmother story so if you are interested with this place....check out this link

Will you pay to watch this?

Some interesting display....

These are not stamp but old name card.

There are more stuffs on display but i couldn't take one by one so that's all i got. Just when i'm about to leave this place. I spotted this.......

I don't really know what to expect but that Zhong Ruan picture at the bottom caught my eyes so i went to check it out and that's when the interesting part began.....

A boy(damn handsome) approached me and asked me to sign up for this event. Stunned by his handsomeness.....i quickly signed up for free of is no big deal....chatted with him for a while and found myself a nice place to sit back and relax for the show.

Then.....the nightmare begun.......

First....instead of more handsome charming guys......i got.....

Need i explain more? this is what i got huh? Just when i tot i'll won't be sitting here any much longer.....he began to sang.....and....i tell you what......i really felt like dashing for the door...... will be very impolite to do see......

There are so many empty seats around.....if i leave just like'll be very matter what....i'll have to sit there and pay my attention to the show and pretend like i was really into the show(this is the hardest part).

Well.....according to the handsome guy just now....the show will only end at 9.30pm. You can imagine how it was like for me at that moment.....because it was only 7pm when this ah gong began to sang.

I don't really get what he was talking about.....but i know he was singing some old Hakka song which i don't understand even a single word. 8.04pm......he retreated after answering all those questions from the floor. Interestingly, the peoples here really did ask question......and the questions they asked are really interesting more in depth question which i don't think i'll ask about.

Next more ah gong but i got ah yi to torture me for the next 1 half hours.....

She talk about a lot of stuffs regarding a type of Hakka's music and those techniques included in Hakka's music....the singing techniques for Hakka's music.....the history......bla bla bla.....

I'm interested in the instrument she played only......the rest.....seriously.....when she played the Hakka song....i really felt like i'm listening to a ghost screaming at the night.....felt like laughing when she played the song....but once again it will be very impolite......

And then finally by 9.30pm.....the show ended.....and this is the time when i thought i'll be able to leave for good.....but......

A man approached me and asked where i'm name....bla bla bla.....and then this man told me he'd been observing me since dunno when and he said....i seems to be very interested in Hakka's music and he even introduced me to the Culture Government wat wat Chair person....ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

And finally he said he is a retired lecturer who taught what what culture what what stuff.....i also dunno what it is and then he asked for my email and said he want to teach me Hakka's culture stuff through online........ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

and he gave me a CD........ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzz

My only respond was Haha.....Haha....and still Haha.....

= =|||
I look interested mei????

Then the ah gong who sang just now also came and talk to me and start pouring me with more questions. I kept hearing the two of them talking about how they should teach me this stuff and how hard it is to get a young people like me to sit there and listen to their story from the beginning to the end. Lol......

In the end, i have to explain to them that i don't have time for all this because i'll be busy with
my degree stuff....bla bla bla....but still they insisted to teach me this. = =|||

Sei lo....i'm already expecting an email from them soon.....
So much for handsome guy huh????

Anyway, free stuffs i got from handsome guy.....
Cheese tart, Hot dog bun, Muffin, and dunno what bun

And free stuff i got from the retired lecturer.
Hakka's music anyone????

Anyway, i do appreciate that.....Thank you. Will listen to it when i get back to Malaysia......

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I want to go home

Is 6.59pm here in Taipei.....once again i'm all alone inside the hotel waiting for the rest to come back before going out for dinner. ZzzzzZZZZzzzzz why can't they be on time?

So far.....i'm beginning to get bored with Taipei. 2 more days to go.....and bye bye.....Ah.....can't wait to go back to Malaysia.....

Peoples here drink tea instead of coffee....i can't survive without coffee man~~~~


I'm going out to hunt for my coffee......

Friday, July 16, 2010

I walk..i eat....i walk....i eat

Waken up by the light streaming through the small gap of the 7.30am here in Taipei.
My friends were all still sleeping, probably too tired from yesterday trip. Why am i always the early bird here?

So far, i already spent about Rm500. Lolz~~ for foods, drinks, transport, tickets and shoes.............= =||| Seriously, i'll be left stranded on the street here if i continues to spent like this. Hahahahaha......

Look at all can i not be tempted??

Flat ranging price from Rm18.8 - Rm 59

Heels from Rm39 - Rm98

Damn cheap man~~~!!!! Too bad they don't have my size. The lady told me the largest shoes size in Taipei was either 39 or 40. Bigger than that they don't have but most of the shoe store here only have up to 39.......and the big feet me needs 40. = =|||| Is a good thing they don't have my size. I won't spent more money mar.......

We went to check out Taipei Zoo yesterday. Seriously, i'm bored to the hell!!!! My sister lo....say want see panda.....and i found myself stuck here for 5 hours......ZzzzzzZZZZzzzzzz

and finally the best part was.....we get to see the panda.....but

Need i explain more???

Felt like climbing inside and strangle the panda.........

Group photo of us in front Taipei Zoo Gate

I'll upload the details soon.....

Initially we planned to check out Miranda Entertainment Park after Taiping Zoo but i decided to check out a place call Maokong and i forced all of them to joined me....wakakaka.

Inside the Gondola going uphill to Maokong

We ate there. Got loss and walk about 25minutes back to the station.

I forgot what the heck is this but its got something to do with the local there

After Maokong, we went back to the hotel for a break and went to Ximen for dinner. Then went to check out another night market at Long Shan Shi.....Eat eat eat eat buy buy buy buy.....and went back

I gotta go prepare. Checking out Taipei city, Danshui.....and so on today......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Jetlagged

This is just a very brief update....

On Tuesday,

I finally met up with my dearest friend Janice. She is still as pretty as before.
We went to Sunway Pyramid. Loss out way at KL. Chatted non-stop. Dined at Wong Kok. Ate Japanese's ice cream. Loitered around Sunway. I'm hunting for a khaki pant to Taiwan while she hunts for dresses to London. Finally, ended up buying nothing and went to Putrajaya.

Is amazing that both of us still have so much to share although we did not meet for 3 years more. I was so happy and i want to say Thank You Janice......!!! You are the best!!!! Have a smooth journey to London!!!!

I reached Kota Kinabalu by 10.30pm. Pissed off Raymond because i forgot to inform him that i'm flying with MAS.

Got up at 4.10am to prepared for today flight at 7am. We are joined by Joanne. Depart at 8am sharp. Saw Mount Kinabalu on air. Photo is with Joanne since my camera decided to take a day off at the worst timing. >.<

It takes us 2 days to climb to the summit of Mount Kinabalu but it only took less than 10minutes or more for an aircraft to climb to the same altitude as the mountain.

The three of us slept for the whole way. I'm tired because i didn't slept for the passed 24 hours. Raymond and Joanne as well. Is a smooth journey. No turbulence encounter but is a bit foggy when we crossed South China Sea.

Finally reached our destination by 9.45am. The airport was quite large. Since we have to wait for my sister and her friends to arrive, i decided to check out the museum nearby.

Alright....update still here....will be back soon.........

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am not mad but i am disappointed

I'm suppose to be reading Enzymology right now but.........

....i'm not in the mood.....

....worrying for my vacation....
i might not have enough cash to support me.......>.<|||

..........I don't likes this at all......

something which has been planned for a year
in the end

I encountered some problem
which totally fall out of my control
which ruins everything

I never thought that it would turn out to be this way
I just want to help
I though i'm able to help
I though you guys will appreciate that

I'm wrong
From what I've seen
You guys take things for granted

Did you say 'Thank you'?
Did you apologize???

i'm very very very very disappointed

Is almost a month
and yet
No one ever tell me
I found the answer

What you told me
is unacceptable

Next Next week!!!!!!
Sorry MR....
I only have a week!!!!!!
FREAKING 1 WEEK!!!!!!!!!



Can you please don't ruins my plan?????????

I really can't go without enough cash



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What it is like to sell ice cream under the hot sun?

Most probably the ice cream will be consume by me before i'm even able to sell one.

Okay now......

Imagine this....

The day was hot and sunny, solar power beaming at its strongest point on the back of an old man and all he has was a small umbrella for shed, a hand-bell, and an old rusty bicycle to aid him from walking 3km or more around the small town. Along with the old man, is what his make a living out of it, what lies inside a small metallic box fixed at the back of the bicycle. Despite the condition of the weather, he do not fret and not a frown was seen on his old and sweaty face. Slowly, steps after steps, he rang his hand-bell and pushed his bicycle forward.


Seriously, this is so not something i would wrote, is so not my style....= =|||

erm....better put it in my usual way of writing. Okay....where am i....haha

Yep, i've bounced into this old man yesterday while on my way back home. He was pushing his bicycle and ringing the bell in front of me. Selling his hand-made ice cream. Staring at the back of this old man, he gave a me sense of grieve and so....i called out to him and brought some ice cream from him. He was damn happy....hmmp....and because he was damn happy and i want him to be more happy, i ended up buying the whole box. >.<|||| I totally forgotten that i'm on a diet!!!!! >.<|||
Roti ice cream for Rm1 least someone is happy....that's a good thing right? = =||| hmmp.....gaining kgs just for pasting a smile on someone face. Worth it??? = =||| I donno......

Hmmp.....but one thing for sure....

This is me cycling from Westlake to Campus.......

(Pointing to the sun) I curse you sun!!!! Why came out at this time???

(Pointing to the lake) I curse you!!!! Stupid lake!!!!! Why you are at the middle of Westlake and Utar???

(Pointing to my bicycle + kicking) I curse you!!!! Stupid bicycle!!! Why you don't have engine???

and while cycling......

(Eyes firing blaze to the cyclist in front)!!! Faster lar!!! Cycle so slow!!! Blocking my path!!! Damn hot lar!!!! Get out of my way if you want to do turtle......

Then goes all the way cursing......

Stupid staffs......why set my class to end at this hour? #@$^@^$!#@$@#^#$^@%
Stupid Utar.....when only want build that bridge?

and this is the answer he gave me when i asked.....'Did you cycle from old town to here?'

No, i push + cycle a little bit to here. I do this everyday so it is still okay for me.

Wa......beat me!!! I should have a photo of this old man.. I'll make sure i did the next time i see him.

Now....who want ice cream???

Sunday, July 4, 2010

If that's the thing you likes and you want it to be your. DO IT!!!!!

I wonder why sometimes some peoples are just too afraid to goes after some things they desire so much and they needs to seek around for others peoples approval before taking their first step.

Seriously, THIS IS SO STUPID!!!! don't mind me....i'm just too annoyed when peoples kept on and on asking me the same old question of which i had answered for like sooooooooooo many times that i decided to post this out. Is bugging on my nerves now!!!!!

Okay, first thing first, I AM A JERK!!! and i'm not afraid to admit it.
I can even tell you that I AM A BITCH!!!! If you prefer calling me that.........

So what? I don't care because i got my own life to take care of and most importantly i am a happy bitch......but when i look at you......Oh my!!! You are so miserable!!! You are not happy!!! You are grumpy!!!! and most importantly You are always following other peoples footsteps!!!!

When you are living in the dreams of other people. How will you be happy??? Because that is not what you want!!!! and THAT IS NOT YOU!!!!!!

If you felt like slapping me now. Go ahead and slap me(but i'll slap you back for sure), if that will awake you, I don't mind.

Seriously, i'm tired of seeing the same old things happening again and again. I am not perfect!!!! I make mistake too!!!! Countless!!! but I get up quickly when i fall!!!!!!

and i am not afraid to fall again!!!!

and you!!!!


ello~~~what do you expect???

Someone to come over and drag you up???? I tell you what, don't spent too much time watching drama. In reality, if you don't get up, you'll probably be left behind and don't get jealous over people success then.

and the things i couldn't stand the most.....

when you do get up on your own, you are afraid of changes!!!!!!!!!!! afraid to face the new challenges of which your first step will lead you!!!!! afraid of how others may look at you!!!!! afraid of where you might end up!!!!!

Afraid of this and that!!!!!!


Why spent your valuable time in life waiting for others to make you feel better???
Why spent your valuable time waiting for others people approval before you goes chasing after some things so precious to you?
Why spent your time worrying over things that couldn't be predicted???

Why spent your valuable time trying to copy the way peoples live their lives?????


Why ar???

Although you are my friend but i still get annoyed when you kept on and on asking me questions like.....

Can i do like this?
Do you think this is good for me?
What do you think the consequences will be?

Ello~~~~?? This may seems more like seeking for advices but actually these are those questions i'm very afraid of answering. Why?

Because those who posted these questions out actually have the answer with them already. They are just seeking for confirmation to the answers.

And it's so scary man when they start hating me for giving them different kinds of answer......different from what other peoples told them........


See. Now you understand why i choose not to comment over some things. It doesn't means i don't care okay.......

Take for example.....i chatted with this friend of mine in msn last night.

A asked me: 'Do you think this is good for me?'
Me : 'Oh, is good lar of course. Suit you wua.....Just do it.....'
A : 'You really think so.'
Me : 'I don't think so but you think so is so lo~~~~'
A : '= =, so is what so.'
Me : 'So so lo....'
A : ' Sohai that So.....?'
Me :' Nah...i didn't said it said yourself'
A : 'Am i a sohai? Do you really think so? Well, i tell you what. You are not way different from me either so stop acting as if you know more over some things.'
Me: 'ZzzzzZzzzzZzzzzz.....I know more over what?'
A :'What?'
Me :'What?'
A :'What?'
Me :'You babi!!! Crayon Sin Chan is even more mature than you!!!'
A :' know what?
Me :'What?'
A :'Is this the only word you can say? huh?'
Me :'Eh...Mr...FYI, i'm getting bored over this conversation.'
A :'Don't be rude to me.'
(Signed off after that and went to torture other ppl)

See.....afraid to admit and when you did point out the mistakes, they can't accept it.

I better shut up or else i'll bored my reader with more and more complaints.....

Just remember lar....

The rest will flow in a fashion beyond your wildest dreams so don't worry too much.....

Signing off for enzymology....


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