Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why i never see you cry before?

That day i chatted with a friend of mine and the conversation goes like this.

Him: Gyee. You're always laughing whenever i saw you and i never seen you cry before.
Me : = =|||
Him: I wonder what it is like to see someone like you crying in the public.
Me : = =|||
Him: You seems to be very happy.
Me : Ermm....yeah. I'm happy with my life now.
Him: So tell me, when is the last time you cry.
Me : = =||| I can't recall.
Him: Means is a long time ago lar.......
Me : I think so.
Him: Wa...really admire some one like you.
Me : = =||| Why?
Him: Because i'm not happy.
Me : (Give him the sympathy look)
Him: I wish that i could be more happy. I~~
Me : Erm....sorry. I gotta go for my class now. Well, see you. (Hope i never see you again)
Him: Oh.....i'll message you.
Me : Bye.
Him: Bye.

Scary guy. = =||| At university, you really did bounce into all kinds of peoples. What sort of questions are those?

and then....when i reached the door of my lecture hall....somebody came out....saw me and shouted.....

'MEI NU!!!!! GIVE ME A HUG!!!!!'

= =||||

What a day.



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