Saturday, June 19, 2010

Throwing tantrum to the floor is just not the right way.

She sounded as if we have committed a crime.
She seem to think that the whole world is wrong except for her.
She gave us boring history lecture which has no talks at the present.
She omitted the fact that everyone had been contributing since morning. (Big Mistake)

Chills lar girl~~~~Just try to cool down girls~~~

This is university and you are no longer in secondary. There's no longer teacher or instructor to take care of everything for you. If you think it is messy, then there is a needs to clarify thing up. You can't blame anyone or lose your anger just because you can't get the right thing done.

My god~~~Nearly faint today, empty stomach since morning. Some more i was accuse to had committed a crime because i went out to fill up my stomach. Yoyo~~~What so big deal about this? Can anyone tell me why? No one even informed us about when we'll be rehearsing and no one even tell us we should never leave the campus or whatsoever.

Is like ello~~~~we've been here since morning 10am and i'd been starving since then. It is so wrong to eat ah?

Ha...and that's not all. Suddenly, after throwing bomb to the floor, they ask us to leave. =_=||| ello? Can anyone tell me what's going on ah?

Anyway, here's my say.

Sometime there're always things that fall out of your control but you should never break down and let your emotion rules. Just don't let your worries get in the way and focus on how to improve the situation. It will not get any better but worst if you do let your anger shown. Just because your first instinct is to become angry doesn't mean it's the correct response.

I don't like to be involve in this kind of situation and to be treated this way so i choose to calmly leave the place. I was disappointed of course to see those sparks flying among peoples there just now. Is like somehow, this lady here has ignited the frustration of everyone.

We are in the same ship. Remember that.

Unhappy. Frustrated. Disappointed. Tired. Worried......but i'll still put a smile on my face. Smile is the key...........

Ciao.....and Happy Father Day to daddy.

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