Sunday, June 6, 2010

First outing this sem.

Spent a day rummaging clothes around 'Ipoh's Jusco' and 'Ipoh Parade' but only the guy found what he's looking for. ZzzzzZzzzzz.....

I'm ready to go....Yosh~~~

Orchestra Concert on June 20 and the dress code is 'Tahi Cicak' meaning 'White top' and 'Black Bottom'. I wonder whom the one that suggested this. Is so boring and dull. Black and what people wear to the funeral.

Saw this scary wax figure in Ipoh Parade. At first sight, i though i saw a corpse which frightened me a little.

Reached back to Kampar at 8.30pm. Safe and Sound. Phew~~~~
Asam Laksa for dinner.

My first time dinning on the street.

Hawker at Old Town was far better than those at New Town man~~~they are more polite but is still a 'vampire'.

I'm still thinking of the hat and Edward Sifu.
I wanna get a hairstyle like her and i want the hat!!!

P/S~ Ipoh's bus drivers should really try out their luck at the Super GT Race before they risk their own life(and the passenger) driving insanely on the road.

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  1. u r not allow to spend more money on clothes?



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