Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shoe Repairs Shop at Kampar

Tada! Look what i've found. Right at the center of the old town set this small little shop you'll probably won't even spotted its existence. Thanks to the taxi uncle who brought me here. This place is pretty close to the '35 tong'(Cantonese). I'm not really sure whether it is pronounce this way but i assume you can probably figure out where this place is since Kampar's old town was not really that huge.

The smiley face boss aka the shoe mender. He's the one who saved my day. In return, i decided to promote his little shop for him here.

Services include: Shoe repair of course- Sewing, Replacement of broken heel, Replacement of high heel tip, Replacement of shoe base and so on. Other than that, old second-hand clothes and shoes were also sell here.

Different types of shoe base available here even for soccer shoe.

Old shoes for sell

Better quality second-hand shoes for sell

Torn old shoes for sell. Anyone? I doubt so.

This shoe kinda remind me of something but i just couldn't remember what it is.

I was looking at the pile of junks old shoes when suddenly i spotted this. Lol~~~~My shoe!!!! 4 years ago, mum throw it away when i'm not at home. The one mum throw away is in much better condition than this one lar. See.....mum!!! Don't cincai throw away my shoe again!!!!

Nah. Here's a photo to show you how my shoe look like after repairing. Nice lei~~~ Rm3 for each pair. I replace the heel tip only. Cheap Cheap.....They charge you Rm4 for one leg back at my home town so it was like super cheap to me edi. If you are able to find another shop cheaper than this one dee, leave me a comment lo....

Bumped into Jian Ming at old town. He was on the same taxi as me. I just kept bumping into friends recently. Kampar is really small lo or i should say i have more friends now. Hohohohoho~~~~

Anyway, this guy was sibei geng playing 'Gu Zhen'. Too bad he's not performing for the concert. So sayang man~~~~!!!! I asked him to play me a song and here's the video. A bit cacat lar, cuz the title was wrong and is was very dark but you can just ignore it.

Signing off....time for bed.


  1. Walao.. I'm going to show mum this post but I doubt anyone would purchase those shoes lo. it makes no different whether it was thrown into dustbin or place there for sale.

    Anyway, ur frens really sibeh geng. I tell you, you guys should recruit him into ur lousy orchestra. Even lousy flute you play oso can go perform not to mention this guy, okay?

  2. Yeah. That's what i'm thinking too but he pop out too last minute and they said is 'TOO LAST MINUTE' so can't let him perform.

    What to do? Tot i did ask the president about it but he said is too last minute. I can only respect his decision lo.

  3. nothing so last min about it since he's so geng I think he can play well if he was told how. it's just wan o dun wan nia.

  4. lol, my hometown RM2 per heel tip~

  5. here is cheaper...good time bring all your shoe here for repair...

  6. Where is this place specifically? Can't find it when I was driving around there. Need to get my heels fixed



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