Thursday, June 10, 2010

Practice Practice and more Practice

It'd been a week since my last holiday. Pile of works are beginning to emerge now. So far, so good. I'm practicing my flute every day now. Hopefully i'll improve more. I don't want to mess up our performance for some stupid reasons.

Hello reader....

Opps.......Missed out a note here. Hehehe.

Practice until the sun set.

Sunset view by the lakeside of my campus

I wonder how it'll turn out. By the way, i just saw someone uploaded this video at Facebook. It remind me of the old times.

My secondary school St.Joseph's Miri brass band used to practice day and night for the state competition. That's the spirit i needs now.

Another video where the band perform on 'Rasa Sayang' by adding a touch of traditional music-Malay's Dikir Barat.

After watching this, i felt like going back to secondary.

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