Sunday, June 20, 2010

The path is not easy.....

When i was 6, as usual my mum would watch her favorites TVBS series drama everyday, she was still a housewife back at that time so she got nothing much to do but plenty of times to kill by watching drama.
I couldn't remember the title of the drama she watched that day but i do remember 2 guys on the screen, 1 was playing flute and the other one was playing 'Gu Zhen'.
The melody they played instantly caught my attention. My eyes were seal to the screen. I remember that i pointed to the TV and asked my mum, 'What are they doing?' and my mum answered me, 'Killing each others'
I stared back to the TV screen and was confused because i ain't see any bloody scene but just 2 guys playing with music. So i asked again, 'How they kill each other?' and she answered me,'by the song they played.' I was even more confused when one of the actor starts spilling blood all over his chest and the others one follow suit few minutes later. Then they lay flat on the forest bed and was death of course.
Confused, I asked my mum again,'Why would the song kill them both?' and she answered me, 'The song is deathly, you play it, you die' I got more and more confused, so i asked again, 'Why are we both not death yet after hearing it?'
My mum goes speechless after this and she just simply told me, 'We are special, so we won't die.' Finally, i shut up and stop asking question. Later at night, my mum was stunned when i played the melody with my toy flute. Amazed, she stared at me and asked, 'Who teach you this?' and i blurted out ,'I learn it myself. There is a boy i hate very much in my class and i'm going to kill him tomorrow.'
You could have imagine how my mum face look like at that exact moment and of course i never see my toy flute again.
Haha. How naive.......
Finally at the age of 12, i follow my sister footprint and joined the school orchestra. I wanted to learn 'Gu Zhen' that time but the instructor told me that his schedule was pretty packed for that and the instrument was not enough for more student so i picked up this.......
Cute one. Tiny and small. This is call 'Liu Qin'. I played this for a year and performed with my sister during the Sultan Brunei birthday. A long time ago lar of course. Now karat oledi even the basic stuff also can't play well liao.
At the same time, i forced my friend to teach me how to play the flute. I already forgotten my first sifu name but i do remember his nick name. We called him 'Chao Kuew Tiao'. He taught me some of the basic and that is.
After i moved to Malaysia, there's a 9 year gap where music was totally out of my life. Lots of thing changed within that period of time. I was badly ill and i thought there won't be any chance for me to pick up an instrument again.
Finally, after 10 years time, i'm able to be back on the track. Although initially when i joined the orchestra last year some peoples comment that it was dull but at least now they changed their perspective. I got even more friends joining me now and is good to see that they enjoy it as much as i do.
Anyway, i really really really hope that we'll put on a good show thought i'm still worry for some of them.
Wish me luck gotta go prepare now.

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