Tuesday, June 15, 2010

La la la

Waken up by Bond early this morning or else i'm going to miss the morning 8am lecture. As usual, morning class was so damn cold until i lost all my concentration and the only thing i wanted to do was to get the hell out of the lecture hall.

Saw some mini PC Fair going around the campus. I didn't buy anything because the price was so freaking expensive. I felt sleepy half way through my Genetic lecture and i slept a little. After Genetic, there's a few hours break before the next lecture. So i went to Tesco for the sake of buying a pair of black shoe. Checked out Bata shoe store but nothing caught my eyes. All they have was some super off-beat-aunty-also-dont-want-to-wear shoe. I couldn't picture myself in it so i left to check out another shoe store nearby. They did have one so-so lar black shoe but is not fully cover, so sorry lar. I don't want another shoe like this. I got too many of them. In the end i only bought back myself some 'junk foods' which Bond translated as 'Cancer'.

'YISH~~~Everytime also buy cancer. Cancer ah~~~ i tell you.'
'See. She buy cancer again.'


The last lecture was cell culture. This was my first time attending this lecturer lecture. Pretty disappointed. Two hours torturing lesson but i ain't picked up anything new. All the stuff he mentioned are just too general.

As usual, you'll probably see me hanging around at Block C cafeteria when the clock strike 6pm. Time for practice!!!!! Yeah!!!! That's the thing i looked forward to for the whole day. Today, i practice until 11.15pm from 6pm. Still lack consistency. 4 more days to go before the concert. Hope i'll be able to tame my flute within this period of time.

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