Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm the winner for Treasure Hunt. Buahahahaha!!!!

I'm having a hard time falling asleep again.


Hmmp....not really but I just kept hearing music spinning around in my head. Too much orchestra i guess. Maybe i should stop practicing for 1 week. Buahahahaha~~~~what sort of excuse is that.

Anyway, today lab was incredible.....Finally~~~!!!!! I finally found it interesting to be inside a lab.

Of course it is interesting when half of your course mates were actually bare feet inside the lab. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I found it amusing. Where got people went bare foot inside a lab one? My first time seeing it happening in UTAR's lab.

Enzymology was boring. The lecture was plain but is still acceptable lah. Just don't look at the lecturer face and you'll survive still the end of the class.

Now, some photos taken yesterday during the 'Treasure Hunt' i'd participated.

Group photo

Michelle, Me, and The Leader

I personally think that we have the best outfit made out of newspaper

but i saw a guy later from another group wearing a bikini. We kena K.O kao kao lar. The group behind us in the photo above is the most lame one. See their design. Langsung no creativity at all. I wonder whether one of them is working at a hair saloon.

Won an Apple Lady Plastic cup after running like mad cow around the campus.
We are the winner. Yeah~~~~

No lar.....we are the loser. The winner get Rm50 voucher from what what optic shop. Luckily i didn't found the treasure. I rather win the very super cheap Apple Lady Plastic Cup rather than spending more money at what what optic shop.

Overall is fun but rules should be more clarify next time, not to the contester but among the organizer.

Going to Ipoh later in the morning. Gotta go to bed now but i'm still not sleepy. How nei????

Get a stick and bang it on my head. Might work. Ciao~~~

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