Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm distracted not because of test and report but idXXXX who didn't think with their brains.

Finally!!!! At last!!!! I didn't screw up my first test!!!!! Happy!!! Happy!!!

It just kind of happened every semester. I'll screw up my first test for no reason. This time i found myself being able to answer most of the questions. Not 100% but at least got 75% of it. Forgotten to add my linker H1 protein, 60bp to my nucleosome calculation but is okay lar.....i enjoy answer all the questions.

Basically, this is what i'll be doing for the whole week.






Aikzzzz.....and then there's this girl who had been bothering me with the CELL & TISSUES CULTURE ASSIGNMENT.

Her sms: Hi, wanna ask if there's any meeting or discussion for our group assignment?
My reply: Nope. Most probably will begin by week 8.

What my instinct told me to say: There won't be any meeting because i don't want to start now. ZZzzzzzZZZzz patient lar is due week 12 and is only week 5 now okay!!! So stop bothering me!!!


then there's this girl (yep another girl) who sent me sms.

Her sms: Call me this afternoon.
My reply: Who are you?
Her sms: Your bf.
My reply: Say name.
Her sms: know one ar.....

Few minutes later (usually i'll just ignore this kind of message)

Her sms: Your best friend lar....
My reply: Who?
Her sms: Nei....we same class before one.
My reply: Say name please.
Her sms: You know one lar......we same class one....i sit in front one....

Few minutes later (I hate playing guess.)

Her sms: Sleep oledi.
My reply: Chia?
Her sms: Yes.
My reply: Sorry, i'm busy at the moment. I'm studying for my test tomorrow. Contact you some other day.
Her sms: Ok

What my instinct told me to say:

Why can't you just call me if you are looking for me? I don't give a damn to sms. Some more, it is so impolite to ask people to call you back when you are the one who is looking for that person. Hello~~~~is as if like my dad owned DIGI like that. Okay lar....if you are really this stingy to make a call, don't you know there's such thing call MSN?

Oh please.....can't you make my life easier???

What with all that....

' know one ar..... '
'Nei....we same class before one.'
'You know one lar......'
'we same class one...'

Ello~~~~you disappear out of my life for like freaking 5 years and you showed up so suddenly and expect me to know who you are?????

and today noon.....

Her sms: Why you didn't call me?

I ignored the message of course.

Few hours later

Her sms: Have you eaten dinner?

= =|||| What do you expect me to reply?

Something like this?

Yeah! I just ate a big bowl of Maggie Mee Curry Ayam Flavour and is so nice of you to remind me of having my dinner after you're gone for freaking 5 years and i'm sorry because i couldn't call you but i would make sure i'll call you back soon so you can save some penny from calling me and ask whatever shit you wanna ask me bout.

Just when i'm typing this....i received another sms (again)

This read
The same thing.....



  1. damn pissed off by these kind of people... childish...



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