Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm damn poor.

Overslept for 4pm class. ZzzzzzZZzzzzzz.......

Not in the mood to do anything now. Feeling damn hungry. FOOD!!!! I WANT FOODSSSSSSS!!!!! Somebody feed me!!!!

I'm still editing those videos taken during orchestra concert but my laptop just won't cooperate with me. Too much viruses. Wakakakaka......= =V who ask me so damn lazy, never install the anti-virus program. my laptop became so cacat jor. Nevermind lar......'Jiu De Bu GO, New one don't come'....Lol....i better watch out my language. Getting poor recently. = = Why ah?


Anyway, i wonder what's wrong with my luck recently. I'm getting poorer and poorer on each passing days. I'm damn poor now. Pay jor rental RM316, i'm so poor now.

Today learnt jor one new thing. Remind me of my friend.

Is called Jacob's Syndrome

Here's some information regarding that.

- Males with extra Y chromosome besides XY, giving them 47,XYY. 1 out of 1000 male births.
- Taller than other family members. Look normal.
- Normal sexual function, genitalia and fertility.
- No mental retardation. IQ 80-120, but 10-15 points less than siblings. Delayed mental maturation.
- At risk from motor delays, learning disabilities in language and reading skills. Have acne.
- Increased aggressiveness and antisocial behaviour- many in prisons.

Buahahahahahaha....but the Jacob i know is totally the opposite lei.....

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  1. please stop using the jor in ur sentence. That's so KL and I hate it so much.



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