Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm coming. Wait for me~~~!!!!!!

Is finally over......Yosh~~~!!!

Now i can start concentrating on my study. Tons of stuff to worry about now. Tickets, Assignments, Tests and Reports. Wuwuwuwu~~~~

Maybe i should start by cloning another me to do all my homework and i'll just sleeeeeppp and sleeep and sleeeeeppppppp. Life would be so much easier.

Time to polish up my mind and sharpen on my language skill. Next up plan is to travel far far away from all this troublesome brain killing stuffs. Meet up with some friend from the other part of the country. Speak their language and adapt in their culture. I just want to disappear for a while. Sick and tired of the same environment.

I cant wait to reunite with my old friends. There's so much i wanted to tell them. They always have the best advice.

Anyway, i have the best night ever yesterday. Is carved in the memory now and it won't be erase even by times. Thank you guys for being there and making this event a success.

Now, Mr. Ng when can i claim back my Rm500 ah????



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