Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holiday. Work. Back. Hell.

Wow. I'm back again. Can't believe that my campus was so packed with new students. I see a lot of young faces. Kinda remind me that i'm old now.

For this pass two weeks i've been busy working while the culprit who put me into this was happily enjoying herself at KK. Totally forgotten the crime she had committed.

Anyway, i'd went up to Brunei for two days with dad. Some business to take care of. Brunei doesn't changed much actually. It still look as green as before although some building now bear a different name.

A building with castle architecture whose name has once been known as 'Just Toy'. Now
it was turned into a food court.

I've managed to spared out some time hanging around with my fellow cousins. They brought me to 'The Mall'

which has a big painting of Brunei Airlines's Boeing 767-300ER on top of me.

and to.....

A great place for sushi-lover. There is a variety of choice and the sushi taste wonderful. I personally think that this restaurant beat the 'Sushi King' we have here. The sushi they served are way bigger and fresher than those found at 'Sushi King'.

they even got a cute train dragging the sushi around.........why there's no train here?

Beside working and revisiting Brunei i'd also picked up some basic guitar lesson and piano lesson from both lovely cousins of mine.
There're still so much i wanted to do but time was pretty limited and one day after coming back from Brunei i found myself bidding farewell again to Sarawak's land.
Anyway, i met a friend at the airport and bounced into some promoters from 'The Lost World of Tambun' promoting along with animals at KL Sentral.

My first time touching a snake. Not scary at all.

By the way, 1 June 2010 is the day KTM celebrated theirs 125th anniversary and there're lot of media around with cameras while in Sarawak, the Dayak was celebrating Gawai.

I met a non-stop radio on the way back from Sentral to Kampar. She's a retired STPM biology teacher. I asked her a question, 'How's life after retiring?'
and she gave me the longest answer i even heard in my almost like telling me all the plans she were planning to do with her life.

Reached Kampar by 4.15pm. Imagine waking up at 4am just to catch the early flight and early trens back here. You can imagine how it's like to be a Sarawakian studying in Semenanjung. >.<

There're so much to do now. Chinese Orchestra Concert coming up and i'm still not fully prepared yet and also the industry training stuffs i gotta prepare.

Anyway, i'm joining a treasure hunt today at 5.30pm. first....

Till then. Ciao~~~

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