Friday, June 25, 2010

This is my answer.

I'm chewing my apple while staring at the sky, wondering when is the rains gonna stop. Then, suddenly an idea strike me. Hey! Why not i just take a walk to the campus? It'd been a while i didn't exercise my big fat legs and so off i went.

Saw this beautiful rainbow at TAR college. Is not very clear but you can still see the colour contract. Enlarge the photo dude, if you can't see it.

Kampar is beautiful at this hour especially when it rains. Since life been moving at a fast pace for me recently, i'm just glad that i've chosen to slow down my pace a little, take the time to notice some little things i'll probably won't even notice its existence although they've been there all the times.

This was taken last last week. See. Is beautiful right? And that's one example of wrong posture while playing flute.
Class was still okay so far. Just that i have a lots to catch up after the concert and i'm still procrastinating, thinking of some other stuffs which have not much concern with my study. Time to wake up!!! Lady!!! That's what i kept remind myself of but.......

it just doesn't work for me.....Well, you see....

This is one example of good student.

Whoyo~~~so concentrate....some more is a leng lui lei~~~Admire you!!!!

And now....example of bad kid in class.

Eeeeeee......this onion is so boring lar.....

and she.....
decorated it....... to get good result if i keep on playing and is never serious in my study? Somebody tell me how.......

I cut my hairs for Rm14 and this is how i look like now. So ugly~~~~~Spiky said i look like a witch after the haircut. ZZZzzzzzzZzzzzzz......

I look like a witch mei???

Went out with friends from orchestra after the weekly practice. Here goes their's photos.

Michelle and sister

Alibaba and ice cream freak

Alibaba, new junior, and choon


There are 6 new members who joined us now. Wow~~~6 more names to remember. Anyway, is good to know you guys. Hope you guys can keep on with our spirit.

and just one last thing.....some times, if you don't know what to say/ comment. Just shut up and say nothing. Think twice before you say it and please respect others. I'm someone who observed well and i know what's going on in your mind. I cares a lot when it come to my reputation. As a girl, there is a limit when it come to stuff like this. If is true, i don't care. If it's the opposite, sorry, i'll sure come after you. Be mature and not baby.

P/S~ Get lost and i hate you!!! This is my answer!!!



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