Sunday, June 27, 2010

A.B or C

A great day spent in front of my laptop. (again)

ZzzzZzzzzzz.......I really should ask someone to take care of it for me or else i'll be death for the coming exam.

Spent the whole night chatting with friend at restaurant. Lol~~~got so much to talk....from 7pm to 12.30am.....lolzzz....

If not because of the boss we wouldn't even want to leave yet.

I dance a little today. Just felt like dancing suddenly and so i did. Bones getting rusty anyway. Is time to polish up a little.

What are you staring at? My tummy?

Happy to discover one thing about me today through friends.....they said i'm someone who is after freedom. Hmmppp....i never knew that.

Okay, some said i'm very sociable......LOL~~~~~~

and i asked them a question.....

Me: 'What do you think i'll do to a dog that blocked my entrance to a room?'
A) Kick it!!!
B) Ignore it and just slip over

Michelle picked 'A', Harley picked 'B' and Jacob picked 'C' which he said is what i'll do......pick it up

Wooooo~~~~seem like the girl know me best after all......

Peoples do change right........

The answer will have be 'B' and is never 'A' but after so much happenings in my life now i'll definitely go for 'A'. As for 'C', wahahahaha.......i hate dog and i wouldn't even want to touch it.

Treat peoples as if they were what they ought. You get in my way, you'll be sorry. That's one new chapter I've added into my world after i encountered with some barbarians.

Bed calling......Ciao~~~



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