Sunday, June 13, 2010

2nd outing for this semester

It'd been a busy week for me. Is like there're so many things to do at an exact hour and i found myself all messed up now, not knowing what i should be doing but actually i know that there's something at that point of time which i'll shall be working my ass on yet i just can't figure out what the heck it is.

I need to get everything done before July 13. All assignments, all reports, all tutorials, my study so on and on. Besides that, i'll need to memorize myself the 300++ Japanese Kanji before the big exam on November and i still haven't started yet. On top of all this, i'll need to buy myself an airfare to KK a.s.a.p!!!!

The weather isn't of much help either. Just when i thought it's not going to rain and happily pedal off on my bicycle. It'll start raining and that's not all. It'll usually continue to rain until late night which explains why i always came home late.

I fall sick that day and i tell you what. I'm scared of being sick!!!! It'll remind me of my terrible experience. Luckily, i got better on the other day. Phew~~~

Went to this place yesterday at the early morning. You're probably wondering what the heck i'm doing there. Well, actually i have no idea why either. I just happen to be there because i got nowhere else to go and somebody want my ears(Yeah, is my ears) to be there.


I saw many kids practicing Taekwondo there. So energetic early in the morning huh?

What are you doing here? Auntie~~~

Ok lah, enough craps. I'm actually there to kill my time. Since Ipoh Parade is opposite this school and it is not open before 10am so I went along with my Orchestra President to witnesses myself how good this school orchestra was. Well, indeed it was good. Our is like crap if compare to them.

'Yang Qin' player

I left this place when the time hit 10.30am. Time for my hunting mission. Hohohoho.....

Backdrop decoration at Ipoh Parade

Mi Chelle and her family was here too. Same as me, she was also on a hunting mission. Finally spotted what we want and left this place for good.

Total Damage = RM171.32 (0.0||||)

Mum is going to kill me. =_=||| Sweat.....i didn't even realized but never mind lar since i'm going to sell it after the concert. La la la la~~~~~Opps....i forgot the shoes......Ipoh Parade didn't have any nice shoes store around. Is either over pricey or is too casual. Headaching now....where should i get myself a pair of shoe? T_T


  1. That Sam Tet is my fren's school but I didn't know they have orchestra as well.

    The shirt quite special.

    Sendiri own mum sell shoes yet sendiri don't have shoes to wear. What a shame!!!!

  2. The left one with red flower. I want sell. The right one i'll wear for the concert but after that i also want sell.

    Ya mei.....

    I tell you wat. Is a boy school lai dee and the orchestra is all boys. So weird see boy playing pipa, liu qing, zhong ruan....

    And no one know my mum selling shoe. You let the cat out of the bag liao lo.....

  3. ok then u delete my comment.

    the right one looks better. i dunno wat make u buy the left one

  4. some more I don't think ppl will be so hardworking to click on your comments and read it. most would just comment under the cbox



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