Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MAS cabin crew new intake.

I'm promoting for MAS this time, no more for AirAsia, who ask you failed me at the last stage......Lol~~~

Nah~~~To those lazy friends of mine who wouldn't stop asking me a millions questions about the interview stuff but never even put in the effort to flip through the newspaper.....

Don't say i didn't inform you all lar....
Nah~~~Save a copy of it if you are interested.

Don't be afraid to take the first step. Just apply and try for it if you think that's something for you. You have nothing to lose.

Seriously, if i'm not an arang batu now. I will apply and get out of UTAR asap rather than sitting here and killing my precious brain cells. Thank to the god damn DNA amount bla bla bla, DNA/RNA concentration, dilute factor, BLA BLA BLA, converting units, #T%$^@#$&!&^#$......Bla bla so much also got nowhere to apply my knowledge.

Anyway, good luck in your application. One tip here. Remember to shave off your hairs(not asking you to go bald), brush your teeth or fill up any rotten tooths of yours before going for it. Of course there're more to look out for......ask me if you wanna know more.

Good luck..... >.^V

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I'm distracted not because of test and report but idXXXX who didn't think with their brains.

Finally!!!! At last!!!! I didn't screw up my first test!!!!! Happy!!! Happy!!!

It just kind of happened every semester. I'll screw up my first test for no reason. This time i found myself being able to answer most of the questions. Not 100% but at least got 75% of it. Forgotten to add my linker H1 protein, 60bp to my nucleosome calculation but is okay lar.....i enjoy answer all the questions.

Basically, this is what i'll be doing for the whole week.






Aikzzzz.....and then there's this girl who had been bothering me with the CELL & TISSUES CULTURE ASSIGNMENT.

Her sms: Hi, wanna ask if there's any meeting or discussion for our group assignment?
My reply: Nope. Most probably will begin by week 8.

What my instinct told me to say: There won't be any meeting because i don't want to start now. ZZzzzzzZZZzz patient lar is due week 12 and is only week 5 now okay!!! So stop bothering me!!!


then there's this girl (yep another girl) who sent me sms.

Her sms: Call me this afternoon.
My reply: Who are you?
Her sms: Your bf.
My reply: Say name.
Her sms: know one ar.....

Few minutes later (usually i'll just ignore this kind of message)

Her sms: Your best friend lar....
My reply: Who?
Her sms: Nei....we same class before one.
My reply: Say name please.
Her sms: You know one lar......we same class one....i sit in front one....

Few minutes later (I hate playing guess.)

Her sms: Sleep oledi.
My reply: Chia?
Her sms: Yes.
My reply: Sorry, i'm busy at the moment. I'm studying for my test tomorrow. Contact you some other day.
Her sms: Ok

What my instinct told me to say:

Why can't you just call me if you are looking for me? I don't give a damn to sms. Some more, it is so impolite to ask people to call you back when you are the one who is looking for that person. Hello~~~~is as if like my dad owned DIGI like that. Okay lar....if you are really this stingy to make a call, don't you know there's such thing call MSN?

Oh please.....can't you make my life easier???

What with all that....

' know one ar..... '
'Nei....we same class before one.'
'You know one lar......'
'we same class one...'

Ello~~~~you disappear out of my life for like freaking 5 years and you showed up so suddenly and expect me to know who you are?????

and today noon.....

Her sms: Why you didn't call me?

I ignored the message of course.

Few hours later

Her sms: Have you eaten dinner?

= =|||| What do you expect me to reply?

Something like this?

Yeah! I just ate a big bowl of Maggie Mee Curry Ayam Flavour and is so nice of you to remind me of having my dinner after you're gone for freaking 5 years and i'm sorry because i couldn't call you but i would make sure i'll call you back soon so you can save some penny from calling me and ask whatever shit you wanna ask me bout.

Just when i'm typing this....i received another sms (again)

This read
The same thing.....


Sunday, June 27, 2010

You will when you believe.

The song filling the atmosphere over here now. Loving this since i'm still a kid......tot of sharing it here. Enjoys~~~~

'When you believe' by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.


Many nights we've prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hopeful song
We barely understood

Now we are not afraid
Although we know there's much to fear
We were moving mountains long
Before we knew we could

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

In this time of fear
When prayers so often prove(s) in vain
Hope seems like the summer birds
Too swiftly flown away

Yet now I'm standing here
My heart's so full I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words
I never thought I'd say

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

They don't (always happen) when you ask
And it's easy to give in to your fears
But when you're blinded by your pain
Can't see your way straight throught the rain
(A small but )still resilient voice
Says (hope is very near)

There can be miracles
When you believe
(Lord, when you believe)
Though hope is frail
(Though hope is frail)
It's hard to kill
(Hard to kill, Ohhh)
Who knows what miracles,you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will(somehow,somehow, somehow)
somehow you will
You will when you believe

You will when you
You will when you believe
Just your heart
Just believe
You will when you believe~

Download link

A.B or C

A great day spent in front of my laptop. (again)

ZzzzZzzzzzz.......I really should ask someone to take care of it for me or else i'll be death for the coming exam.

Spent the whole night chatting with friend at restaurant. Lol~~~got so much to talk....from 7pm to 12.30am.....lolzzz....

If not because of the boss we wouldn't even want to leave yet.

I dance a little today. Just felt like dancing suddenly and so i did. Bones getting rusty anyway. Is time to polish up a little.

What are you staring at? My tummy?

Happy to discover one thing about me today through friends.....they said i'm someone who is after freedom. Hmmppp....i never knew that.

Okay, some said i'm very sociable......LOL~~~~~~

and i asked them a question.....

Me: 'What do you think i'll do to a dog that blocked my entrance to a room?'
A) Kick it!!!
B) Ignore it and just slip over

Michelle picked 'A', Harley picked 'B' and Jacob picked 'C' which he said is what i'll do......pick it up

Wooooo~~~~seem like the girl know me best after all......

Peoples do change right........

The answer will have be 'B' and is never 'A' but after so much happenings in my life now i'll definitely go for 'A'. As for 'C', wahahahaha.......i hate dog and i wouldn't even want to touch it.

Treat peoples as if they were what they ought. You get in my way, you'll be sorry. That's one new chapter I've added into my world after i encountered with some barbarians.

Bed calling......Ciao~~~

Friday, June 25, 2010

This is my answer.

I'm chewing my apple while staring at the sky, wondering when is the rains gonna stop. Then, suddenly an idea strike me. Hey! Why not i just take a walk to the campus? It'd been a while i didn't exercise my big fat legs and so off i went.

Saw this beautiful rainbow at TAR college. Is not very clear but you can still see the colour contract. Enlarge the photo dude, if you can't see it.

Kampar is beautiful at this hour especially when it rains. Since life been moving at a fast pace for me recently, i'm just glad that i've chosen to slow down my pace a little, take the time to notice some little things i'll probably won't even notice its existence although they've been there all the times.

This was taken last last week. See. Is beautiful right? And that's one example of wrong posture while playing flute.
Class was still okay so far. Just that i have a lots to catch up after the concert and i'm still procrastinating, thinking of some other stuffs which have not much concern with my study. Time to wake up!!! Lady!!! That's what i kept remind myself of but.......

it just doesn't work for me.....Well, you see....

This is one example of good student.

Whoyo~~~so concentrate....some more is a leng lui lei~~~Admire you!!!!

And now....example of bad kid in class.

Eeeeeee......this onion is so boring lar.....

and she.....
decorated it....... to get good result if i keep on playing and is never serious in my study? Somebody tell me how.......

I cut my hairs for Rm14 and this is how i look like now. So ugly~~~~~Spiky said i look like a witch after the haircut. ZZZzzzzzzZzzzzzz......

I look like a witch mei???

Went out with friends from orchestra after the weekly practice. Here goes their's photos.

Michelle and sister

Alibaba and ice cream freak

Alibaba, new junior, and choon


There are 6 new members who joined us now. Wow~~~6 more names to remember. Anyway, is good to know you guys. Hope you guys can keep on with our spirit.

and just one last thing.....some times, if you don't know what to say/ comment. Just shut up and say nothing. Think twice before you say it and please respect others. I'm someone who observed well and i know what's going on in your mind. I cares a lot when it come to my reputation. As a girl, there is a limit when it come to stuff like this. If is true, i don't care. If it's the opposite, sorry, i'll sure come after you. Be mature and not baby.

P/S~ Get lost and i hate you!!! This is my answer!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why i never see you cry before?

That day i chatted with a friend of mine and the conversation goes like this.

Him: Gyee. You're always laughing whenever i saw you and i never seen you cry before.
Me : = =|||
Him: I wonder what it is like to see someone like you crying in the public.
Me : = =|||
Him: You seems to be very happy.
Me : Ermm....yeah. I'm happy with my life now.
Him: So tell me, when is the last time you cry.
Me : = =||| I can't recall.
Him: Means is a long time ago lar.......
Me : I think so.
Him: Wa...really admire some one like you.
Me : = =||| Why?
Him: Because i'm not happy.
Me : (Give him the sympathy look)
Him: I wish that i could be more happy. I~~
Me : Erm....sorry. I gotta go for my class now. Well, see you. (Hope i never see you again)
Him: Oh.....i'll message you.
Me : Bye.
Him: Bye.

Scary guy. = =||| At university, you really did bounce into all kinds of peoples. What sort of questions are those?

and then....when i reached the door of my lecture hall....somebody came out....saw me and shouted.....

'MEI NU!!!!! GIVE ME A HUG!!!!!'

= =||||

What a day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm damn poor.

Overslept for 4pm class. ZzzzzzZZzzzzzz.......

Not in the mood to do anything now. Feeling damn hungry. FOOD!!!! I WANT FOODSSSSSSS!!!!! Somebody feed me!!!!

I'm still editing those videos taken during orchestra concert but my laptop just won't cooperate with me. Too much viruses. Wakakakaka......= =V who ask me so damn lazy, never install the anti-virus program. my laptop became so cacat jor. Nevermind lar......'Jiu De Bu GO, New one don't come'....Lol....i better watch out my language. Getting poor recently. = = Why ah?


Anyway, i wonder what's wrong with my luck recently. I'm getting poorer and poorer on each passing days. I'm damn poor now. Pay jor rental RM316, i'm so poor now.

Today learnt jor one new thing. Remind me of my friend.

Is called Jacob's Syndrome

Here's some information regarding that.

- Males with extra Y chromosome besides XY, giving them 47,XYY. 1 out of 1000 male births.
- Taller than other family members. Look normal.
- Normal sexual function, genitalia and fertility.
- No mental retardation. IQ 80-120, but 10-15 points less than siblings. Delayed mental maturation.
- At risk from motor delays, learning disabilities in language and reading skills. Have acne.
- Increased aggressiveness and antisocial behaviour- many in prisons.

Buahahahahahaha....but the Jacob i know is totally the opposite lei.....

I should buy a bamboo stick

What the heck!!!!! Is already 2:21am and i'm still not sleepy yet. What to do now???
I'm suppose to be on bed hugging my teddy to sleep but here am i again. ARGGHHHH~~~!!!!!

Even the most boring subject failed to do what it does best-Hyno me to sleep. What the heck!!!!!!! My class is at 8am and i don't want to fall asleep during lecture. ARGHHHH!!!!!!

Maybe i should go out and do some exercise or wash my toilet or do some laundry. = =||| Whatever stuffs that can put me to sleep. Problem is, if i sleep now, i'll probably oversleep for early morning class. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Tomolo class begin at 8am and last still 6pm.....OH MY GOD.....

I should get bamboo stick a.s.a.p. Bang it on my head. Settle.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm coming. Wait for me~~~!!!!!!

Is finally over......Yosh~~~!!!

Now i can start concentrating on my study. Tons of stuff to worry about now. Tickets, Assignments, Tests and Reports. Wuwuwuwu~~~~

Maybe i should start by cloning another me to do all my homework and i'll just sleeeeeppp and sleeep and sleeeeeppppppp. Life would be so much easier.

Time to polish up my mind and sharpen on my language skill. Next up plan is to travel far far away from all this troublesome brain killing stuffs. Meet up with some friend from the other part of the country. Speak their language and adapt in their culture. I just want to disappear for a while. Sick and tired of the same environment.

I cant wait to reunite with my old friends. There's so much i wanted to tell them. They always have the best advice.

Anyway, i have the best night ever yesterday. Is carved in the memory now and it won't be erase even by times. Thank you guys for being there and making this event a success.

Now, Mr. Ng when can i claim back my Rm500 ah????

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The path is not easy.....

When i was 6, as usual my mum would watch her favorites TVBS series drama everyday, she was still a housewife back at that time so she got nothing much to do but plenty of times to kill by watching drama.
I couldn't remember the title of the drama she watched that day but i do remember 2 guys on the screen, 1 was playing flute and the other one was playing 'Gu Zhen'.
The melody they played instantly caught my attention. My eyes were seal to the screen. I remember that i pointed to the TV and asked my mum, 'What are they doing?' and my mum answered me, 'Killing each others'
I stared back to the TV screen and was confused because i ain't see any bloody scene but just 2 guys playing with music. So i asked again, 'How they kill each other?' and she answered me,'by the song they played.' I was even more confused when one of the actor starts spilling blood all over his chest and the others one follow suit few minutes later. Then they lay flat on the forest bed and was death of course.
Confused, I asked my mum again,'Why would the song kill them both?' and she answered me, 'The song is deathly, you play it, you die' I got more and more confused, so i asked again, 'Why are we both not death yet after hearing it?'
My mum goes speechless after this and she just simply told me, 'We are special, so we won't die.' Finally, i shut up and stop asking question. Later at night, my mum was stunned when i played the melody with my toy flute. Amazed, she stared at me and asked, 'Who teach you this?' and i blurted out ,'I learn it myself. There is a boy i hate very much in my class and i'm going to kill him tomorrow.'
You could have imagine how my mum face look like at that exact moment and of course i never see my toy flute again.
Haha. How naive.......
Finally at the age of 12, i follow my sister footprint and joined the school orchestra. I wanted to learn 'Gu Zhen' that time but the instructor told me that his schedule was pretty packed for that and the instrument was not enough for more student so i picked up this.......
Cute one. Tiny and small. This is call 'Liu Qin'. I played this for a year and performed with my sister during the Sultan Brunei birthday. A long time ago lar of course. Now karat oledi even the basic stuff also can't play well liao.
At the same time, i forced my friend to teach me how to play the flute. I already forgotten my first sifu name but i do remember his nick name. We called him 'Chao Kuew Tiao'. He taught me some of the basic and that is.
After i moved to Malaysia, there's a 9 year gap where music was totally out of my life. Lots of thing changed within that period of time. I was badly ill and i thought there won't be any chance for me to pick up an instrument again.
Finally, after 10 years time, i'm able to be back on the track. Although initially when i joined the orchestra last year some peoples comment that it was dull but at least now they changed their perspective. I got even more friends joining me now and is good to see that they enjoy it as much as i do.
Anyway, i really really really hope that we'll put on a good show thought i'm still worry for some of them.
Wish me luck gotta go prepare now.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Throwing tantrum to the floor is just not the right way.

She sounded as if we have committed a crime.
She seem to think that the whole world is wrong except for her.
She gave us boring history lecture which has no talks at the present.
She omitted the fact that everyone had been contributing since morning. (Big Mistake)

Chills lar girl~~~~Just try to cool down girls~~~

This is university and you are no longer in secondary. There's no longer teacher or instructor to take care of everything for you. If you think it is messy, then there is a needs to clarify thing up. You can't blame anyone or lose your anger just because you can't get the right thing done.

My god~~~Nearly faint today, empty stomach since morning. Some more i was accuse to had committed a crime because i went out to fill up my stomach. Yoyo~~~What so big deal about this? Can anyone tell me why? No one even informed us about when we'll be rehearsing and no one even tell us we should never leave the campus or whatsoever.

Is like ello~~~~we've been here since morning 10am and i'd been starving since then. It is so wrong to eat ah?

Ha...and that's not all. Suddenly, after throwing bomb to the floor, they ask us to leave. =_=||| ello? Can anyone tell me what's going on ah?

Anyway, here's my say.

Sometime there're always things that fall out of your control but you should never break down and let your emotion rules. Just don't let your worries get in the way and focus on how to improve the situation. It will not get any better but worst if you do let your anger shown. Just because your first instinct is to become angry doesn't mean it's the correct response.

I don't like to be involve in this kind of situation and to be treated this way so i choose to calmly leave the place. I was disappointed of course to see those sparks flying among peoples there just now. Is like somehow, this lady here has ignited the frustration of everyone.

We are in the same ship. Remember that.

Unhappy. Frustrated. Disappointed. Tired. Worried......but i'll still put a smile on my face. Smile is the key...........

Ciao.....and Happy Father Day to daddy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shoe Repairs Shop at Kampar

Tada! Look what i've found. Right at the center of the old town set this small little shop you'll probably won't even spotted its existence. Thanks to the taxi uncle who brought me here. This place is pretty close to the '35 tong'(Cantonese). I'm not really sure whether it is pronounce this way but i assume you can probably figure out where this place is since Kampar's old town was not really that huge.

The smiley face boss aka the shoe mender. He's the one who saved my day. In return, i decided to promote his little shop for him here.

Services include: Shoe repair of course- Sewing, Replacement of broken heel, Replacement of high heel tip, Replacement of shoe base and so on. Other than that, old second-hand clothes and shoes were also sell here.

Different types of shoe base available here even for soccer shoe.

Old shoes for sell

Better quality second-hand shoes for sell

Torn old shoes for sell. Anyone? I doubt so.

This shoe kinda remind me of something but i just couldn't remember what it is.

I was looking at the pile of junks old shoes when suddenly i spotted this. Lol~~~~My shoe!!!! 4 years ago, mum throw it away when i'm not at home. The one mum throw away is in much better condition than this one lar. See.....mum!!! Don't cincai throw away my shoe again!!!!

Nah. Here's a photo to show you how my shoe look like after repairing. Nice lei~~~ Rm3 for each pair. I replace the heel tip only. Cheap Cheap.....They charge you Rm4 for one leg back at my home town so it was like super cheap to me edi. If you are able to find another shop cheaper than this one dee, leave me a comment lo....

Bumped into Jian Ming at old town. He was on the same taxi as me. I just kept bumping into friends recently. Kampar is really small lo or i should say i have more friends now. Hohohohoho~~~~

Anyway, this guy was sibei geng playing 'Gu Zhen'. Too bad he's not performing for the concert. So sayang man~~~~!!!! I asked him to play me a song and here's the video. A bit cacat lar, cuz the title was wrong and is was very dark but you can just ignore it.

Signing off....time for bed.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

La la la

Waken up by Bond early this morning or else i'm going to miss the morning 8am lecture. As usual, morning class was so damn cold until i lost all my concentration and the only thing i wanted to do was to get the hell out of the lecture hall.

Saw some mini PC Fair going around the campus. I didn't buy anything because the price was so freaking expensive. I felt sleepy half way through my Genetic lecture and i slept a little. After Genetic, there's a few hours break before the next lecture. So i went to Tesco for the sake of buying a pair of black shoe. Checked out Bata shoe store but nothing caught my eyes. All they have was some super off-beat-aunty-also-dont-want-to-wear shoe. I couldn't picture myself in it so i left to check out another shoe store nearby. They did have one so-so lar black shoe but is not fully cover, so sorry lar. I don't want another shoe like this. I got too many of them. In the end i only bought back myself some 'junk foods' which Bond translated as 'Cancer'.

'YISH~~~Everytime also buy cancer. Cancer ah~~~ i tell you.'
'See. She buy cancer again.'


The last lecture was cell culture. This was my first time attending this lecturer lecture. Pretty disappointed. Two hours torturing lesson but i ain't picked up anything new. All the stuff he mentioned are just too general.

As usual, you'll probably see me hanging around at Block C cafeteria when the clock strike 6pm. Time for practice!!!!! Yeah!!!! That's the thing i looked forward to for the whole day. Today, i practice until 11.15pm from 6pm. Still lack consistency. 4 more days to go before the concert. Hope i'll be able to tame my flute within this period of time.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

2nd outing for this semester

It'd been a busy week for me. Is like there're so many things to do at an exact hour and i found myself all messed up now, not knowing what i should be doing but actually i know that there's something at that point of time which i'll shall be working my ass on yet i just can't figure out what the heck it is.

I need to get everything done before July 13. All assignments, all reports, all tutorials, my study so on and on. Besides that, i'll need to memorize myself the 300++ Japanese Kanji before the big exam on November and i still haven't started yet. On top of all this, i'll need to buy myself an airfare to KK a.s.a.p!!!!

The weather isn't of much help either. Just when i thought it's not going to rain and happily pedal off on my bicycle. It'll start raining and that's not all. It'll usually continue to rain until late night which explains why i always came home late.

I fall sick that day and i tell you what. I'm scared of being sick!!!! It'll remind me of my terrible experience. Luckily, i got better on the other day. Phew~~~

Went to this place yesterday at the early morning. You're probably wondering what the heck i'm doing there. Well, actually i have no idea why either. I just happen to be there because i got nowhere else to go and somebody want my ears(Yeah, is my ears) to be there.


I saw many kids practicing Taekwondo there. So energetic early in the morning huh?

What are you doing here? Auntie~~~

Ok lah, enough craps. I'm actually there to kill my time. Since Ipoh Parade is opposite this school and it is not open before 10am so I went along with my Orchestra President to witnesses myself how good this school orchestra was. Well, indeed it was good. Our is like crap if compare to them.

'Yang Qin' player

I left this place when the time hit 10.30am. Time for my hunting mission. Hohohoho.....

Backdrop decoration at Ipoh Parade

Mi Chelle and her family was here too. Same as me, she was also on a hunting mission. Finally spotted what we want and left this place for good.

Total Damage = RM171.32 (0.0||||)

Mum is going to kill me. =_=||| Sweat.....i didn't even realized but never mind lar since i'm going to sell it after the concert. La la la la~~~~~Opps....i forgot the shoes......Ipoh Parade didn't have any nice shoes store around. Is either over pricey or is too casual. Headaching now....where should i get myself a pair of shoe? T_T

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Practice Practice and more Practice

It'd been a week since my last holiday. Pile of works are beginning to emerge now. So far, so good. I'm practicing my flute every day now. Hopefully i'll improve more. I don't want to mess up our performance for some stupid reasons.

Hello reader....

Opps.......Missed out a note here. Hehehe.

Practice until the sun set.

Sunset view by the lakeside of my campus

I wonder how it'll turn out. By the way, i just saw someone uploaded this video at Facebook. It remind me of the old times.

My secondary school St.Joseph's Miri brass band used to practice day and night for the state competition. That's the spirit i needs now.

Another video where the band perform on 'Rasa Sayang' by adding a touch of traditional music-Malay's Dikir Barat.

After watching this, i felt like going back to secondary.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

First outing this sem.

Spent a day rummaging clothes around 'Ipoh's Jusco' and 'Ipoh Parade' but only the guy found what he's looking for. ZzzzzZzzzzz.....

I'm ready to go....Yosh~~~

Orchestra Concert on June 20 and the dress code is 'Tahi Cicak' meaning 'White top' and 'Black Bottom'. I wonder whom the one that suggested this. Is so boring and dull. Black and what people wear to the funeral.

Saw this scary wax figure in Ipoh Parade. At first sight, i though i saw a corpse which frightened me a little.

Reached back to Kampar at 8.30pm. Safe and Sound. Phew~~~~
Asam Laksa for dinner.

My first time dinning on the street.

Hawker at Old Town was far better than those at New Town man~~~they are more polite but is still a 'vampire'.

I'm still thinking of the hat and Edward Sifu.
I wanna get a hairstyle like her and i want the hat!!!

P/S~ Ipoh's bus drivers should really try out their luck at the Super GT Race before they risk their own life(and the passenger) driving insanely on the road.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm the winner for Treasure Hunt. Buahahahaha!!!!

I'm having a hard time falling asleep again.


Hmmp....not really but I just kept hearing music spinning around in my head. Too much orchestra i guess. Maybe i should stop practicing for 1 week. Buahahahaha~~~~what sort of excuse is that.

Anyway, today lab was incredible.....Finally~~~!!!!! I finally found it interesting to be inside a lab.

Of course it is interesting when half of your course mates were actually bare feet inside the lab. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I found it amusing. Where got people went bare foot inside a lab one? My first time seeing it happening in UTAR's lab.

Enzymology was boring. The lecture was plain but is still acceptable lah. Just don't look at the lecturer face and you'll survive still the end of the class.

Now, some photos taken yesterday during the 'Treasure Hunt' i'd participated.

Group photo

Michelle, Me, and The Leader

I personally think that we have the best outfit made out of newspaper

but i saw a guy later from another group wearing a bikini. We kena K.O kao kao lar. The group behind us in the photo above is the most lame one. See their design. Langsung no creativity at all. I wonder whether one of them is working at a hair saloon.

Won an Apple Lady Plastic cup after running like mad cow around the campus.
We are the winner. Yeah~~~~

No lar.....we are the loser. The winner get Rm50 voucher from what what optic shop. Luckily i didn't found the treasure. I rather win the very super cheap Apple Lady Plastic Cup rather than spending more money at what what optic shop.

Overall is fun but rules should be more clarify next time, not to the contester but among the organizer.

Going to Ipoh later in the morning. Gotta go to bed now but i'm still not sleepy. How nei????

Get a stick and bang it on my head. Might work. Ciao~~~

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holiday. Work. Back. Hell.

Wow. I'm back again. Can't believe that my campus was so packed with new students. I see a lot of young faces. Kinda remind me that i'm old now.

For this pass two weeks i've been busy working while the culprit who put me into this was happily enjoying herself at KK. Totally forgotten the crime she had committed.

Anyway, i'd went up to Brunei for two days with dad. Some business to take care of. Brunei doesn't changed much actually. It still look as green as before although some building now bear a different name.

A building with castle architecture whose name has once been known as 'Just Toy'. Now
it was turned into a food court.

I've managed to spared out some time hanging around with my fellow cousins. They brought me to 'The Mall'

which has a big painting of Brunei Airlines's Boeing 767-300ER on top of me.

and to.....

A great place for sushi-lover. There is a variety of choice and the sushi taste wonderful. I personally think that this restaurant beat the 'Sushi King' we have here. The sushi they served are way bigger and fresher than those found at 'Sushi King'.

they even got a cute train dragging the sushi around.........why there's no train here?

Beside working and revisiting Brunei i'd also picked up some basic guitar lesson and piano lesson from both lovely cousins of mine.
There're still so much i wanted to do but time was pretty limited and one day after coming back from Brunei i found myself bidding farewell again to Sarawak's land.
Anyway, i met a friend at the airport and bounced into some promoters from 'The Lost World of Tambun' promoting along with animals at KL Sentral.

My first time touching a snake. Not scary at all.

By the way, 1 June 2010 is the day KTM celebrated theirs 125th anniversary and there're lot of media around with cameras while in Sarawak, the Dayak was celebrating Gawai.

I met a non-stop radio on the way back from Sentral to Kampar. She's a retired STPM biology teacher. I asked her a question, 'How's life after retiring?'
and she gave me the longest answer i even heard in my almost like telling me all the plans she were planning to do with her life.

Reached Kampar by 4.15pm. Imagine waking up at 4am just to catch the early flight and early trens back here. You can imagine how it's like to be a Sarawakian studying in Semenanjung. >.<

There're so much to do now. Chinese Orchestra Concert coming up and i'm still not fully prepared yet and also the industry training stuffs i gotta prepare.

Anyway, i'm joining a treasure hunt today at 5.30pm. first....

Till then. Ciao~~~

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