Monday, May 10, 2010

Thomas and uber cup fever

Smash!!! Smash!!! Smash!!!! Oh you!!! How could you missed that shoot???

OUT!!! What!!!! Out again!!!

Come on, Malaysia!!! What are you doing!!!!

Oi!!! Smash lah~~!!!

What lar? Dint eat ah????

Forget about the god-damn boring exam. I'm going to stick my face on the TV and watch my long awaited Thomas Cup. Don't be surprise if you saw me yelling that few lines above, in fact i'm annoying my friends who happened to watch the game with me now. I felt like they are going to whack me up sooner or later so i can shut up my big mouth for good and left them some peach and quiet. Haha. I know lar guys.....i'm just too excited.

For today, Malaysia female badminton players did pretty good. Head on to the official web for update on the result. The result was updated every second (even at time the game is still on)

The limelight was on Chong Wei and Lin Dan thought. Hahaha.....Too bad the tickets were all sold out now. ~~~>.<~~~ Stupid exam!!! Why fall on this time??? Ish! Ish! Ish!

Guys and girls mark your calender for tomorrow games......

-Thomas Cup-
Group A: China vs Korea (12pm)
Group B: Malaysia vs Japan (6pm)
Group C: Denmark vs Germany (6pm)
Group D: India vs Australia (12pm)

-Uber Cup-
Group A: China vs Malaysia (6pm)
Group B: Indonesia vs Denmark (12pm)
Group C: Japan vs Russia (12pm)
Group D: Korea vs India (6pm)

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