Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kudos to our shuttlers

Once again this will be another post about Thomas cup. I've omitted the 'Uber' because there's no hope for us and is pointless to mention anymore. What's with that freaking 3-0 record of Indonesia against Malaysia? Is like 'hello~~' shouldn't our top-notch player, Wong Mee Choo at least win a game for our country? In fact, she was wiped out so easily by Indonesian player, Adriyanti Firdasari with a record of 21-9, 21-16. Duh~~~ =_= (rolling my eyes)

Forget about Uber, i see a better play for today Thomas's games. I must say our players are all very impressive except for that freaking doubles, Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif/ Hoon Thien How. I have no idea why on earth they put on a great show at the first quarter and dished out a superb poor performance on the next. The chemistry was lost between both players and worst of all i think they totally do not put in any effort to WIN points skillfully but just rely plainly on their luck, hoping that the Denmark's players will make mistakes so they can gain points the easy way (Mohd Zakry). Don't they know nothing good come without trying and putting in the effort to make it real? Some more, our player, Hoon Thien How look more like a statue than a man in war to me. When he got tired at the second quarter, he just stood there like a statue and did nothing. Judging from the size, i guess i shouldn't blame him for this thought. Sadly, they were clearly hammered by Denmark at the third quarter, tot they found the spirit back at near end of the game but a mistake by Hoon closed the game at 19-21 and left Malaysia suffered from its second defeats by Denmark.

Next up, i was very very impressed with Wong Choong Han performance today. Although he did not win the game but he lose in victory thought. If only he was given more time, it'd been a looooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg time since i last saw him played like what he did today. Well, he was clearly not that 'fast' anymore after the injury but his presence in the team still add boost to Malaysia chances of wining. After the shocking defeat to Japan player, Sho Sasaki yesterday, i've read tons of comment blaming the loses on Wong Choong Han being 'too old', 'no more energy', 'old legs' so on and on. Well, i guess the old man may be old but a right twist may just fix the problem nicely. After all, old man Choong Han may be physically weak but he got the experiences he'd collected throughout the decades as his backbone for support. I think he had proven himself to Malaysian today. Like it or not, we'll probably be seeing this old man around for 2 or more years to come. The game between him and Denmark's player Jan O Jorgensen was pretty tight(20-22, 21-16, 18-21). I was holding my breath watching the game and praying for Choong Han. He was close to giving Malaysia the third wins but too bad~~luck is not by his side today. Clearly he was disappointed and frustrated with his own self after losing to Denmark but he left a remarkable history today and i think he did us proud.

After winning 2 games and losing 2 games to Denmark, our player, Mohd Hafiz Hashim headed into a daunting match with Joachim Persson. He may have shed a few tears but i guess that case happened yesterday had someone ignited the fire in him. Not to say he changed the ways he played but at least he catch on some speed today. I still found his 'steady aje' attitude funny. Overall, he's still 'main slumber aje' today but i don't care as long as he win for Malaysia. Hopefully his next opponent and the opponent to come will be as much the same like today(also slumber) or else it's going to be tough for him. He's the hero of Malaysian today. Kudos to him for doing us proud.

Anyway, i guessed i flunked my statistic paper today. Boo~~!! One more paper to go and then Merdeka!!

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  1. do agree with ur statement..HH play slumber aje yesterday...but better than previous night lorh..n as long as he win for M'sia.. :)



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