Sunday, May 9, 2010

I wish for a short break

Everybody else is sleeping while i'm still sitting in front of my laptop typing this. Ah...I just don't felt sleepy. There's seem to be so much things going on and yet i'm losing focus on any one one of it. I don't know what's the problem with me now. I just don't felt like doing this. I know i'll regret on my decision sooner or later but right now i just wish for a break, a short gap to refresh my mind so i can stay more alert to be ahead of the game.

I'm currently experiencing the immunizing effect of joyfulness. Is peculiar for me to say this as the image i portrait is very much of the opposite of this statement i made here. I guess exam does paint more black shadows into my dull life.

I wonder why my mind was an instantly memory-eraser, it just kept delete the last piece of precious information i've loaded in. I guess i better figure out a way to whack this lousy machine of mine back to work before it get all rusty.

P/S~~~A little bit incident happened during today exam. I went into the wrong venue for my exam and was later sent back to my originally assigned exam hall. It was pretty embarrassing and i guess the rest found it pretty amusing watching the lady making a fool of herself. Haha.

From Initial D movie soundtrack, A Racer's Dream

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  1. Idiot! I have never made such a mistake cos I would check my timetable properly before the exam.



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