Thursday, May 13, 2010

French is the murderer

There's just one more paper left and everything will be over very soon. I'll just need to read trough the 10 topics, memorize a few spellings and know when to use the right grammar and that's all but why the heck am i forgetting the sentences again and again????? Gosh!!! French is really killing me this time.

Oh my!!! I just can't get it right. I'm all messed up now. Arghh......Grrgggghhhhh.....
Westlake is pretty quiet today, i can see peoples dragging their luggages, taxi coming in and out of Westlake, and lorry loaded with new furnitures coming in and out as well. Yeah, everyone is heading home now and i'm all alone in this house typing this. =_= Why am i always the pity one?

Argghhh.....i wish i'll do well for tomorrow test without studying anymore but that's like saying 'I can fly without wings'

I've just cycle out and dapao my dinner. All veges for tonight but is super-duper costly man! I guess they raised the price since their demand have dropped. this is confusing. Why is the price that goes up when the demand have dropped? Isn't it suppose to be the price that drop when the demand is low? Kampar is really a place full of greedy business man running a business based on slick sale. Oh! did i mention about the quality they gave you yet? Nah, here's one photo of the 'food' i'd ordered from one of the restaurant here and this 'food' cost me RM4.5. Of course, they will never see their lovely customer ever again.

Is like telling you 'Bon Appétit' while they are serving you 'Shit'.


  1. you ate tat half way then only you took the photo is it?

    Why are ppl going back home yet still deliver new furniture?

  2. NO. I didn't. What you see is exactly what i'd seen the moment i open it!!!!



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