Friday, May 14, 2010

Asian pop music, anyone???

I can't fall asleep again. Muahahahahaha.....! so here am i sharing some nice songs currently filling this gloomy atmosphere of ma chambre(my room).

1) Super Junior 'Bonamana'

No wonder can't fall asleep lar...listen to this kind of to fall asleep like that?? I'm just curious to find out how their 4 album turn out to be, few more tracks to go. Pretty good so far, i'm tapping my feet now. Finally, i'll won't be seeing more and more peoples dancing to 'Sorry Sorry' again.

Nah~~~dl link:

Eh, seriously this album is not bad lar....though i do not understand a single words. Buahahaha~~~Should grab it if you are into kpop. Eh...just realized that i'm confusing my reader again. Hahaha. I'm listening to the whole album now but this link provided here is only the first track. Wakakakaka!!! Crave for more???? Buy it at Amazon lo~~~

2) Jay Chow '跨時代'

This one was pretty ok lo, no WOW to me. Is just normal. Erm...the album is not out yet but so far 3 songs were already featured in some Taiwan's local radio stations. You can check them out if you want. 烟花易泠 and 超人不会飞

No dl link provided. Wakakakaka.....

3) AK 'WOW'

Now this one is really WOW! Not the song but the face. We'll get bore of them very soon and i'm expecting them to go solo after one or two album. The thing i found interesting with them is the fact that they can dance.

I haven't finish listen to the whole album yet, so far 'Help' is pretty good but somehow i think the melody sound familiar to me.

Alright, i'm outta here. Be back with more update after my french test.


  1. ermm...1st time listening to the songs...why u cannot sleep?

  2. Am worrying for the exam i did not study. Hahahaha....

  3. I think the last poster seems gay...

  4. Yeah. Notice the background? Is actually the 4 seasons.

  5. bonanama's good.
    bet it'll do as good as sorry,sorry did.
    just watched their performance in music bank this evening.
    the dance was cool.



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