Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zombiesssssssssss at Sushi King~~~~

Bad Cambodia trip for me.......if the stupid internship program really going to fall within that range of times....

I wonder why Utar never stick to the schedule. If they really want to change anything, at least put up a note somewhere to inform all of us. i have to cancel my plan or switch the date for my holiday to March or May next year. Urghhh.......

Sushi King having the Rm2 promotion again and today i just flunk 2 and half hours of my times queuing for a place to flunk some cash. This is best time i ever have dinning in Sushi King with friends and zombiesssssssssssssssssssssssss. Why zombiessssss?

Zombies quench for foods......and you should had been there to witnessed it yourself. Since all the zombies are 'FIGHTING' and 'SNATCHING' for the sushi....and leave no mercy for the enemy, we decided to turn ourselves into one and start 'SNATCHING' and 'FIGHTING' like all the zombies did. Ha.....luckily we are seated at the 'FENG SUI' seats......and need not waste so much energy fighting for foods.......but still.......`~~

Watch the video recorded by Spiky and you'll get my point...

Tomorrow is the last day of the promotion, so go line up and turn yourself into one zombie. Is fun man~~~


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