Thursday, April 1, 2010

A very good April Fool experience.......

How i wish that there is a remote control for me to shut that moron's mouth who wouldn't stop screaming outside of my house now.

So nothing much for today beside getting a very good lecture from my statistics lecturer. I was kinda shocked to found my name honorably labeled under one of the 'URGENT!!!! PLEASE SEE ME LIST' by the lecturer. Is like.....'HUH???' to 'WHAT???' and to 'WHAT!!!!!!'

This is so impossible. How on earth could this happened?

So, i went to my tutor and she told me that there must be some mistake because my attendance is good. Since it's not a problem with my tutorial then i guess the reason behind this must be the stupid lecture.

So, I went to my lecturer and told her about this and she asked me to type her a letter and explain the reasons why i do not attend her lecture.

Now, is this an April Fool joke?

Oh c'mon.....!!! I attended your lecture everyday except for once during the Chinese New Year. Now, you are telling me that you're going to bar me from exam just because i missed out one lecture? Oh please lah......

After arguing with her for few minutes, none of us gave ways, so she just simply gave me a very good reason to flew away from this and asked me to type her a letter.

Oh great.....letter.....Yeah....i will type the letter but we'll just see what sort of letter i'll come out with.

Anyway, it'd been an awful day dealing with pilling homework and this 'bar' matter and the only thing i wanted to do is to dance and to let go of all my frustration but turn out dance class was cancel today because the room was occupied. Too bad! So here i am again, using blogging to express my frustration again.

This better be an April Fool joke because i'm so not pleased with another failure of UTAR system.

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