Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Here's one thing i always dream of having while i'm on a road trip. It begin with the letter 'B' and end with the letter 'D'. Yep, is the Broadband i'm talking about. Whenever i'm on the go, i'll brought along my laptop, is a must to me, for me to check on my emails, news, updating my blogs, and so on......

I'm a Sarawakian student studying in Semenanjung and of course i grab used of every given opportunities to prints my footprints on every possible, reachable places of interest around here(only when i have enough cash to burn). Now, check this out......

WIGGY is tiny, When bored, turn to your WIGGY, okay, that's really true.....

I'm budget traveler and sometimes i'll end up staying whole night up refilling coke at Kl Central's Mc.D just to wait for the next cheaper KTM's train and that's the time i'll start switching on and off on the power button of my poor laptop endlessly. Why? For a sign of connection to the internet of course....because this Mc.D outlet doesn't provide WiFi service, =_= so i'll have to try for the Starbucks connection which doesn't work at all and this is a typical example of why i/you should get myself/yourself a broadband. My/your road trip would have been so much more entertaining.

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