Thursday, April 22, 2010

Read a book, take a break

This is the book I've been reading for the pass few days (even during lecture). The book came out in 1979 and the version i'm reading is actually a reworked edition of the book, updated on 1998 to a more modern setting. I found the story very well defined, the language is clear and convincing, ideas are very well developed and is very appealing to my personal taste. Wakakaka!!!!

The story is about a secret naval experiment which goes wrong and hits a commercial plane(supersonic Straton jumbo jet), killing peoples on board and causing massive decompression at high altitude. The pilots are either death or brain damaged. The few passengers that didn't die in the blast or get brain damaged came together and try to bring the plane down.

The main character in this story was Berry, a part time private pilot who survive the decompression and is the one who steer the plane back to San Francisco's airport. Get a copy of the book here and follow his adventure. Highly recommend you guys to read it.

I wish the ending could have been a little less hurried. >.

*Addition information: This novel has been turned into a movie in 2005. Movie pictures here. Anyone know where i can watch the movie online? Appreciate that.....

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