Sunday, April 25, 2010

My dream destination dream destination....seriously, this topic really got me pondering....

It is Japan? No, i don't think Japan fascinates me anymore.
It is Egypt? What do you expect to find there, Lady? Desert? Mummy tomb curse?
It is France? No, the language they implies are scary enough.
It is China? I heard there're a lot of swindlers. If i can come home without being broke, i'll be happy to pay the Great wall a visit.
It is Cambodia? Yeah, try some of the Khmer's tit-bits and emphasize to everyone that i got ball. Too bad i don't have ball.

So? Where is that place? Where should it be?
Nah....clue number 1......try to figure it out from the picture.......

Clue Number 2......this is NOT SAKURA.....

Still don't get it?'s Clue Number 3.....

I think this would probably ring some bells right? Living on boat houses..........

=_=|||| What? Still don't get it? Ok....fine then....i'm giving out my last clue.....

Now you get 'Amsterdam'!!!!! Great job, dude.....Wait a minute!!! What did you say? Your answer is different from mine??? Okay~okay~, just do what the picture below tell you to......

Yo dude~~~~Holland is Amsterdam lah~~~~And Netherlands is also where Holland and Amsterdam is lah~~~~
People often incorrectly mistaken Netherlands to Holland. In fact, only the central part of the Netherlands is geographically named Holland. This part of the country consists of two provinces, Noord Holland and Zuid-Holland. Amsterdam is one of the city which lies in this region.
Talk so many let me tell you what my dream destination have to offer.

Number 1
Dutch Clog

Should be able to come in handy when i need to kick some lazy ass.

Number 2
Heineken Experience. Need i say more.

Number 3
Visit the world oldest Jewish library

Just for your information, the collection of Library Ets Haim is listed with UNESCO World Heritage and i love books (excluding my text books).

Number 4
Rent a bike and hunt for the 8 windmills in Amsterdam then pose ( =_=V yeah~) and bring back some evidences to show off to my friends.

Number 5
Eat!!! EAT!!!! EAT!!!!
Dutch Cheese, stroopwafels, Pannekoeken and Poffertjes, Vlammse Frites.....blah blah blah....

Okay, of course there're more i want to do but i gotta end here and start dreaming on my dream destination.

Yo. MAS.......would there be a great deal for me soon?

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  1. y u didn't explain on the project alpha one and wat does it has to do with this post of urs. suddenly attached tat in pulak.

  2. Never mind bout that, i think i'm late.....~_~



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