Sunday, April 4, 2010

More to conquer....

Wow...can't believe i have survived through the pass few weeks. However, tougher challenge lies ahead, awaiting me. Life sure getting more and more interesting.

I'm a university student myself and i believe that most of you out there who are the same as me lead a lifestyle that probably have not much different from me. Rushing for assignment, studying overnight for exam, hanging around with friends, so on and on. Life sure is simple and the top priority is to ensure you a place for the next semester and a good grade.

So, have you ever think of what is life to you after you got out from university?

Job? Dream Career?
With limited experiences you possesed, are you eligible enough to compete with senior that's far more knowledgeable and informative than you do?

Now, spare some moment and start pondered about this question. Put aside exam, assignment, report, love and so on. Have you ever think of what is left in your life? What are the things you are left with? The things that you can do and ensure your future?

I'm asking this question here because from what i've observed, youths at my university are still slacking around and they are here simply because they needs a degree certificate to ensure their future. Now, let me ask you a question. Do you really think that after your graduation ceremony, this degree certificate is really going to ensure you a bright future and great success?

Of course not, we all know that degree certificate is just a ticket that grant you the entrance to where you wish to go but don't forget that there's time it'll become expire and useless. After that, what is left with you to continue on the path you want?

I felt that i'm tired and bored with the environment i'm in now. I needs inspiration but somehow i see none here. I felt that i'm always the one painting colors into peoples life and yet my life is painted with more grey and black in return. Frustration is the only thing i felt now. Annoyances is next.

An escape from here is the top things to do on my To-Do List. I missed my old friends so badly but they're all now on a mission of their own and interruption is not something i fancy doing. I need advise to shattered off this feeling of exhaustion. An advise from someone who can inspire me and not dampen my spirits even more.

'A tireless capacity to smile despite daily struggles. A spirit that cant be dampened by life's hardship'

It's easy to say than doing. Oh Gosh! Mum and dad......i'm sorry i have to say, i'm bored of the environment here. I wish that your offer is still eligible. I want to get lost!!! I want to get the hell out of this place!!!! Out of this circle!!!!! And move on with my life!!!!

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