Monday, April 12, 2010

I hope a BOMB will drop on UTAR tomorrow!!!!!!

I've had the most mad, crazy, but also wonderful weekend! A lot of hard work has finally seen some fruitful results.

I wish i could have say that but in fact i have just gone through the most hectic week ever throughout my life at UTAR. It'd been 4 days since i last slept properly and i overslept for today 11am Biodiversity class which make me felt like a loser. I felt even more like a total loser when all the hard works i've been working my ass on bear no fruitful results but in return i just get more and more hard facts that proved my failure even more. All this only tell me one thing, is either i fight or i flight.

I the spent the whole night cramming my head, trying real hard to figured out how to answer my statistic assignment question and by the time i finally done with it, it is already early in the morning at roughly 6am. I allowed myself for a short break which became a long break. Urghhh.....i felt like banging my head on the wall now. I couldn't forgive myself for oversleep this time, if other can do it why couldn't i? I felt so down recently for not being able to cope with the stress but i felt even more angry when i just couldn't figured out what's the point of doing all these stuffs and what i get is just a carbon-printed letters A,B,C,D or an F on the result paper.

I'm having an oral presentation tomorrow which is suppose to be done two weeks earlier but turned out it's always either there is not enough time left for the rest to present or someone from the previous tutorial group is still presenting on my tutorial group. So, it just kept delaying. Besides having this presentation, there is also a properties of matter's lab test which cover up to 5 chapters tomorrow. So you see, i'll be working my ass off tonight as well. I'm not going to screw up another test this time.

Oh, before i forget, after tomorrow, i'll have another biodiversity report to hand in on Wednesday, and another Biodiversity lab test on Thursday and another French Quiz on Sunday (Yeah, is Sunday but there's still class i needs to attend) Oh my~~~seems like this is just another hectic week, not as hectic as last week but it's still hectic.

I secretly hope that some terrorists will attempt to invade and plant some bombs on UTAR. Then i'll be jumping on top of my roof.

Okay, hectic is hectic but i still have fun working on my French assignment and here're the videos.....

Have a good laugh for the day and leave me a comment for what you think of the videos. Thank. Outta here to exercise on my brain cells.


  1. I like all 3 of the videos, although I roughly know what you all were saying... XDXD

    Btw, confirmed no more Biodiversity report aready...

  2. if a BOMB really dropped on UTAR, you wont have UTAR life anymore =P

  3. if only there's a bomb on UTAR .... u will not graduate on time!



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