Monday, April 5, 2010

Get inspired!

*This post is best read with this song playing as background music. Haha~~~

Last year, i have this great opportunity to be on the path where thousands of Malaysians would have dream of being on. However, there's always succeed and failure. After all the fight i'd fought for, i'm just so tired and worn out that i gave up believing in myself.

I talked to a friend and he showed me this video.

It kept me going on and helped me survived through the tough journey. Not to forget, i've met a lot of peoples on the way who continues to inspired me until today. All peoples have dream, some dream big while some dream small. Those who dream small are peoples who are satisfied with their current life and tend to avoid disappointment.

The rest that remains, dream in vivid colour and big pictures. Obstacles and hardships in life are something common they have to deal with. There are time when these threaten to knock them back, steal their momentum and break their spirit.

However, I believe that if you are one of those who dream big, definitely, there are times in your life where you'll just felt like throwing your hands up and walk away.

In that exact moment, you're left with two choices. Giving up or keep clawing, scratching, and scraping until you achieved your dreams.

If you want to be the individual who keeps clawing, scratching, and scraping, here are some thoughts to keep in mind along your journey. Hopefully they will provide some encouragement in those times when your dreams seem out of reach.

Always believe in yourself. Believe in your own abilities.

Always have positive thought. Negative thought, OUT!!!

Take a small step everyday, not a big leap

Set milestones and try to archive it, this will keep track of your progress

Study others who have archived similar goals. To keep the spirit fresh.

If you're only halfway there, you're halfway further than every person who never started pursuing their dreams. And you're infinitely further than every person who gave up on their dreams.

Don't ever let anyone tell you your dreams are too big or too unrealistic. For every person who ever told someone to give up, there's a person who didn't listen and achieved their dreams.

You could work your entire life to achieve a big dream and never get there, but if you worked hard every day you won't look back with any regret. So no matter how bad the deck is stacked against you, no matter how bleak the outlook may get, keep moving forward and never give up on yourself. The only people who look back with regret are the ones who give up.

As for those who didn't have a dream of their own. Start seeking for it and never stop trying. Don't just follow blindly what others dreams are because this is their dream, not your.
The greatest joys come from achieving your very own dreams, not others!!!!

Shed of light in this dark tunnel,
I'm seeing it, I'm moving forward,
Time to get on my feet,
And start running again,
To start chasing again.
This time,
I know.
I'm going to reach it.


  1. super like this post! meaningful and it inspired me. =)

  2. aiyo... seems like u spend most of ur time trying to deal with so many things ah..

  3. nick is truly an awesome man. hes inspired so many million of people. and i guess im one of the many million. great post btw :)



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