Monday, April 26, 2010

Biodiversity and ANTM

Since you are so curious about the progress of my study....well...i'm going to reveal it all out at here.


Chapter 1 : Biodiversity and taxanomy ( Collecting dust )
Chapter 2 : Virus and prokaryotes ( Collecting dust )
Chapter 3 : History and background of Protista ( Collecting dust )
Chapter 4 : The Plant Kingdom ( Collecting dust )
Chapter 5 : The Animal Kingdom ( Collecting dust )
Chapter 6 : Concepts of ecology and population ( Finish reading with nothing recorded in the memory )
Chapter 7 : Habitat Analysis ( Erm.....screw it!! )
Chapter 8 : Community Ecology ( Collecting dust )

*The world is full of magical things potentially waiting for our eyes to grow sharper.

Nah!!!! I don't give a damn.......

ANTM Cycle 14

Episode 1 : Be my friend, Tyra!
Episode 2 : Dreckitude!
Episode 3 : Let's dance!
Episode 4 : America's Next Top Vampire
Episode 5 : Smile and Pose
Episode 6 : New York Women!

All finished watching in 1 day. Wakakakakaka~~

What happened to Tyra Bank??? Her outfit look just as bad as Alasia when she commented on her outfit in episode 3.

The my!!! Only one word to describe them....'Fierce'
This cycle is full of BITCHES!!!!

Here's a bitch,,,,, and there's a bitch.....
There're so many bitches in this cycle that someone is able to came out with

ANTM,Cycle 14---Fight---1

ANTM,Cycle 14---Fight---2

ANTM,Cycle 14---Fight---3

ANTM,Cycle 14---Fight---4

Wu....0.0...anyway...she may be a bit bitchy but i love this photo of her

Maybe mum should change her poster to this.....i wonder will that help boost up her sale then....


  1. have not started watch antm new cycle yet.


  2. oh collecting dust.. haha.. ANTM more interesting right? =P



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