Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Here's one thing i always dream of having while i'm on a road trip. It begin with the letter 'B' and end with the letter 'D'. Yep, is the Broadband i'm talking about. Whenever i'm on the go, i'll brought along my laptop, is a must to me, for me to check on my emails, news, updating my blogs, and so on......

I'm a Sarawakian student studying in Semenanjung and of course i grab used of every given opportunities to prints my footprints on every possible, reachable places of interest around here(only when i have enough cash to burn). Now, check this out......

WIGGY is tiny, When bored, turn to your WIGGY, okay, that's really true.....

I'm budget traveler and sometimes i'll end up staying whole night up refilling coke at Kl Central's Mc.D just to wait for the next cheaper KTM's train and that's the time i'll start switching on and off on the power button of my poor laptop endlessly. Why? For a sign of connection to the internet of course....because this Mc.D outlet doesn't provide WiFi service, =_= so i'll have to try for the Starbucks connection which doesn't work at all and this is a typical example of why i/you should get myself/yourself a broadband. My/your road trip would have been so much more entertaining.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do you know how boring was ecology???

Some evidences i've collected during lectures....


As for me, i'm smarter.....ngek ngek ngek~~~~~

Oh gosh!!! You can imagine me trying to keep my drowsy eyes open now.....
I hate exam!!!!!

Anyway, i'm done with Chapter 1-3, 6,7,8 and 9. Just left 4 and 5.....well...gotta
go back to memorizing those crazy scientific names, kingdom names, phylum names, sub-phylum names (rolling my eyes), order names, bla bla on and on....


One more times, I HATE ECOLOGY!!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Biodiversity and ANTM

Since you are so curious about the progress of my study....well...i'm going to reveal it all out at here.


Chapter 1 : Biodiversity and taxanomy ( Collecting dust )
Chapter 2 : Virus and prokaryotes ( Collecting dust )
Chapter 3 : History and background of Protista ( Collecting dust )
Chapter 4 : The Plant Kingdom ( Collecting dust )
Chapter 5 : The Animal Kingdom ( Collecting dust )
Chapter 6 : Concepts of ecology and population ( Finish reading with nothing recorded in the memory )
Chapter 7 : Habitat Analysis ( Erm.....screw it!! )
Chapter 8 : Community Ecology ( Collecting dust )

*The world is full of magical things potentially waiting for our eyes to grow sharper.

Nah!!!! I don't give a damn.......

ANTM Cycle 14

Episode 1 : Be my friend, Tyra!
Episode 2 : Dreckitude!
Episode 3 : Let's dance!
Episode 4 : America's Next Top Vampire
Episode 5 : Smile and Pose
Episode 6 : New York Women!

All finished watching in 1 day. Wakakakakaka~~

What happened to Tyra Bank??? Her outfit look just as bad as Alasia when she commented on her outfit in episode 3.

The my!!! Only one word to describe them....'Fierce'
This cycle is full of BITCHES!!!!

Here's a bitch,,,,, and there's a bitch.....
There're so many bitches in this cycle that someone is able to came out with

ANTM,Cycle 14---Fight---1

ANTM,Cycle 14---Fight---2

ANTM,Cycle 14---Fight---3

ANTM,Cycle 14---Fight---4

Wu....0.0...anyway...she may be a bit bitchy but i love this photo of her

Maybe mum should change her poster to this.....i wonder will that help boost up her sale then....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My dream destination dream destination....seriously, this topic really got me pondering....

It is Japan? No, i don't think Japan fascinates me anymore.
It is Egypt? What do you expect to find there, Lady? Desert? Mummy tomb curse?
It is France? No, the language they implies are scary enough.
It is China? I heard there're a lot of swindlers. If i can come home without being broke, i'll be happy to pay the Great wall a visit.
It is Cambodia? Yeah, try some of the Khmer's tit-bits and emphasize to everyone that i got ball. Too bad i don't have ball.

So? Where is that place? Where should it be?
Nah....clue number 1......try to figure it out from the picture.......

Clue Number 2......this is NOT SAKURA.....

Still don't get it?'s Clue Number 3.....

I think this would probably ring some bells right? Living on boat houses..........

=_=|||| What? Still don't get it? Ok....fine then....i'm giving out my last clue.....

Now you get 'Amsterdam'!!!!! Great job, dude.....Wait a minute!!! What did you say? Your answer is different from mine??? Okay~okay~, just do what the picture below tell you to......

Yo dude~~~~Holland is Amsterdam lah~~~~And Netherlands is also where Holland and Amsterdam is lah~~~~
People often incorrectly mistaken Netherlands to Holland. In fact, only the central part of the Netherlands is geographically named Holland. This part of the country consists of two provinces, Noord Holland and Zuid-Holland. Amsterdam is one of the city which lies in this region.
Talk so many let me tell you what my dream destination have to offer.

Number 1
Dutch Clog

Should be able to come in handy when i need to kick some lazy ass.

Number 2
Heineken Experience. Need i say more.

Number 3
Visit the world oldest Jewish library

Just for your information, the collection of Library Ets Haim is listed with UNESCO World Heritage and i love books (excluding my text books).

Number 4
Rent a bike and hunt for the 8 windmills in Amsterdam then pose ( =_=V yeah~) and bring back some evidences to show off to my friends.

Number 5
Eat!!! EAT!!!! EAT!!!!
Dutch Cheese, stroopwafels, Pannekoeken and Poffertjes, Vlammse Frites.....blah blah blah....

Okay, of course there're more i want to do but i gotta end here and start dreaming on my dream destination.

Yo. MAS.......would there be a great deal for me soon?

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Airplane in the night sky are like shooting star

The title of a song name which had been playing in my MP4 recently. Loving the title of the song, 'Airplane'......Sung by 'Hayley from Paramore and rap by 'b.o.b', a new player.

Loving her check it out...

Download link

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Read a book, take a break

This is the book I've been reading for the pass few days (even during lecture). The book came out in 1979 and the version i'm reading is actually a reworked edition of the book, updated on 1998 to a more modern setting. I found the story very well defined, the language is clear and convincing, ideas are very well developed and is very appealing to my personal taste. Wakakaka!!!!

The story is about a secret naval experiment which goes wrong and hits a commercial plane(supersonic Straton jumbo jet), killing peoples on board and causing massive decompression at high altitude. The pilots are either death or brain damaged. The few passengers that didn't die in the blast or get brain damaged came together and try to bring the plane down.

The main character in this story was Berry, a part time private pilot who survive the decompression and is the one who steer the plane back to San Francisco's airport. Get a copy of the book here and follow his adventure. Highly recommend you guys to read it.

I wish the ending could have been a little less hurried. >.

*Addition information: This novel has been turned into a movie in 2005. Movie pictures here. Anyone know where i can watch the movie online? Appreciate that.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The hunter shoot and he missed!!!

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler


A little bit disappointed. The Bounty Hunter fails to locate any laughs or charm over two punishing hours. It was boring and i just cant wait for the movie to end.
The movie was utterly forgettable. You can walk in the cinema feeling the urge to get a good laugh and walk out of the cinema wondering where you should have spent your cash on indeed. The story is a mess and i spent most of my time working on my brain trying to figured out what's going on than really paying attention to what my eyes are seeing. I must say the trailer is even better than the movie itself and indeed you can just watch the trailer, it already covered most of the details.


I would rate it 1 out of 5 stars for helping me getting my ass off to my bed on time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yui - to mother

It'd been a while since YUI music last caught my attention. This is a good one. Remind me of mother day is just around the corner. I wonder where her guitar is....anyway if you play guitar...try out the chords i've included below. Enjoys....

to Mother
to Mother

作詞 YUI
作曲 YUI
アーティスト YUI

だって あなた 言ったじゃない
涙声 うつむいたまま


笑ってみせた ah ah



心 まで こころ



変われるかな ah ah

幸 せって
輝 いてくれないけど



迎えに来てくれるのを待っていた むか

温 かくて


幸せ よ しあわセ


C G Am G

C G Am G
F G C B7
C E Am G
Am G F (x2)

C G Am G
F G C B7
C G Am G

C E Am G

repeat Verse

repeat Chorus

Instrumental 2:
C G Am G
F G C B7
C G Am G

Dm Em F G (x2)

repeat Chorus

C G Am G

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Kota Kinabalu airport shut for 2 hours after bomb found

KOTA KINABALU: KOTA KINABALU: The Kota Kinabalu International Airport was shut down for two hours after workers discovered a World War II bomb close to the runway.

Twenty local and international flights in and out of the country’s second busiest airport was delayed as police bomb squad removed the explosive, the size of a household cooking gas tank, and detonated in an open space outside the airport.

Malaysia Airports Berhad KKIA operations manager Hasbi Mohd said the airport was shut down at 7.20am Saturday after workers undertaking terminal upgrading works detected the bomb between the taxiway and the runway. (Oh my god!!!)

He said police were immediately informed and the airport operations resumed at 9.30am with most of the delayed flights taking off and landing within the next three hours.

''The situation is back to normal, he said, adding that there were no diversions for any of the flights due to land in Kota Kinabalu during the closure.

Following the closure, six Air Asia flights scheduled for departures and two for arrivals were delayed while Malaysia Airlines saw delays for nine departure flights and five flights due to land at the airport here during the closure time.

Kota Kinabalu City police chief Asst Comm Ahmad Sofi Zakari said a police bomb squad from the Kepayan state police headquarters managed to neutralise the bomb.

''It was taken out of the area and detonated in an open area, he added.

Unexploded World War II bombs are often found in Sabah, mainly by people doing construction works.

The bombs, which were part of the allied bombings at the tail end of the war to liberate the then North Borneo (now Sabah) from the Japanese, have been found at various sites in the city here, Sandakan and also in interior Sabah.

Very scary. The bomb had been there for ages and it just lay there undetected until today. Some more is between the taxiway and runway. Wu~~~should i say we are pretty lucky indeed......?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Malaysian can now fly to Seoul on a budget!!!!!

Okay, this is a very good news....i know AirAsia X has been pushing the government for the right to fly Seoul and today......


Check this out.....sources from TheStarOnline

PETALING JAYA: After a tough fight that lasted almost a year, AirAsia X won rights to fly seven times a week to Seoul, a core route that the airline had been pinning its hopes on for a long time.

AirAsia X has not decided on a firm date to begin mounting the flights as a lot of groundwork needs to be done but it may be looking to launch the inaugural flight sometime in October to coincide with when the South Korean premier is in Malaysia to mark 50 years of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Malaysia.

AirAsia X bosses are thrilled with the Government’s change of heart in acceding to their request and hope they will, in the same manner, one day be flying to Sydney.

»We will keep pushing for Sydney rights because there is a demand out there« AZRAN OSMAN-RANI

Seoul and Sydney are among the core routes that the airline hopes to secure besides Tokyo, Jeddah and several others.

“We will keep pushing for Sydney rights because there is a demand out there. It is sad that many Malaysians are still flying to Sydney via Singapore,” AirAsia X chief executive officer Azran Osman-Rani told StarBiz.

The long-haul low-cost carrier has rights to fly 34 non-core routes but Azran reckons flying to these destinations will not help the airline or the country bring in the passenger traffic that is needed for KL International Airport to stand out against its rivals in Bangkok and Singapore.

“We are not sure yet when we will fly to Seoul as there are so many details to be worked out,” Azran said.

Currently, Malaysia Airlines and Korean Air ply the KL-Seoul route with 12 weekly flights each and with AirAsia X’s new flights the connectivity increases to 31 flights each week, which is similar to the 31 flights mounted from Singapore to Seoul. From Bangkok there are 58 weekly flights to Seoul. better start saving my money and plan for my next trip to Seoul....


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zombiesssssssssss at Sushi King~~~~

Bad Cambodia trip for me.......if the stupid internship program really going to fall within that range of times....

I wonder why Utar never stick to the schedule. If they really want to change anything, at least put up a note somewhere to inform all of us. i have to cancel my plan or switch the date for my holiday to March or May next year. Urghhh.......

Sushi King having the Rm2 promotion again and today i just flunk 2 and half hours of my times queuing for a place to flunk some cash. This is best time i ever have dinning in Sushi King with friends and zombiesssssssssssssssssssssssss. Why zombiessssss?

Zombies quench for foods......and you should had been there to witnessed it yourself. Since all the zombies are 'FIGHTING' and 'SNATCHING' for the sushi....and leave no mercy for the enemy, we decided to turn ourselves into one and start 'SNATCHING' and 'FIGHTING' like all the zombies did. Ha.....luckily we are seated at the 'FENG SUI' seats......and need not waste so much energy fighting for foods.......but still.......`~~

Watch the video recorded by Spiky and you'll get my point...

Tomorrow is the last day of the promotion, so go line up and turn yourself into one zombie. Is fun man~~~


Monday, April 12, 2010

I hope a BOMB will drop on UTAR tomorrow!!!!!!

I've had the most mad, crazy, but also wonderful weekend! A lot of hard work has finally seen some fruitful results.

I wish i could have say that but in fact i have just gone through the most hectic week ever throughout my life at UTAR. It'd been 4 days since i last slept properly and i overslept for today 11am Biodiversity class which make me felt like a loser. I felt even more like a total loser when all the hard works i've been working my ass on bear no fruitful results but in return i just get more and more hard facts that proved my failure even more. All this only tell me one thing, is either i fight or i flight.

I the spent the whole night cramming my head, trying real hard to figured out how to answer my statistic assignment question and by the time i finally done with it, it is already early in the morning at roughly 6am. I allowed myself for a short break which became a long break. Urghhh.....i felt like banging my head on the wall now. I couldn't forgive myself for oversleep this time, if other can do it why couldn't i? I felt so down recently for not being able to cope with the stress but i felt even more angry when i just couldn't figured out what's the point of doing all these stuffs and what i get is just a carbon-printed letters A,B,C,D or an F on the result paper.

I'm having an oral presentation tomorrow which is suppose to be done two weeks earlier but turned out it's always either there is not enough time left for the rest to present or someone from the previous tutorial group is still presenting on my tutorial group. So, it just kept delaying. Besides having this presentation, there is also a properties of matter's lab test which cover up to 5 chapters tomorrow. So you see, i'll be working my ass off tonight as well. I'm not going to screw up another test this time.

Oh, before i forget, after tomorrow, i'll have another biodiversity report to hand in on Wednesday, and another Biodiversity lab test on Thursday and another French Quiz on Sunday (Yeah, is Sunday but there's still class i needs to attend) Oh my~~~seems like this is just another hectic week, not as hectic as last week but it's still hectic.

I secretly hope that some terrorists will attempt to invade and plant some bombs on UTAR. Then i'll be jumping on top of my roof.

Okay, hectic is hectic but i still have fun working on my French assignment and here're the videos.....

Have a good laugh for the day and leave me a comment for what you think of the videos. Thank. Outta here to exercise on my brain cells.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Get inspired!

*This post is best read with this song playing as background music. Haha~~~

Last year, i have this great opportunity to be on the path where thousands of Malaysians would have dream of being on. However, there's always succeed and failure. After all the fight i'd fought for, i'm just so tired and worn out that i gave up believing in myself.

I talked to a friend and he showed me this video.

It kept me going on and helped me survived through the tough journey. Not to forget, i've met a lot of peoples on the way who continues to inspired me until today. All peoples have dream, some dream big while some dream small. Those who dream small are peoples who are satisfied with their current life and tend to avoid disappointment.

The rest that remains, dream in vivid colour and big pictures. Obstacles and hardships in life are something common they have to deal with. There are time when these threaten to knock them back, steal their momentum and break their spirit.

However, I believe that if you are one of those who dream big, definitely, there are times in your life where you'll just felt like throwing your hands up and walk away.

In that exact moment, you're left with two choices. Giving up or keep clawing, scratching, and scraping until you achieved your dreams.

If you want to be the individual who keeps clawing, scratching, and scraping, here are some thoughts to keep in mind along your journey. Hopefully they will provide some encouragement in those times when your dreams seem out of reach.

Always believe in yourself. Believe in your own abilities.

Always have positive thought. Negative thought, OUT!!!

Take a small step everyday, not a big leap

Set milestones and try to archive it, this will keep track of your progress

Study others who have archived similar goals. To keep the spirit fresh.

If you're only halfway there, you're halfway further than every person who never started pursuing their dreams. And you're infinitely further than every person who gave up on their dreams.

Don't ever let anyone tell you your dreams are too big or too unrealistic. For every person who ever told someone to give up, there's a person who didn't listen and achieved their dreams.

You could work your entire life to achieve a big dream and never get there, but if you worked hard every day you won't look back with any regret. So no matter how bad the deck is stacked against you, no matter how bleak the outlook may get, keep moving forward and never give up on yourself. The only people who look back with regret are the ones who give up.

As for those who didn't have a dream of their own. Start seeking for it and never stop trying. Don't just follow blindly what others dreams are because this is their dream, not your.
The greatest joys come from achieving your very own dreams, not others!!!!

Shed of light in this dark tunnel,
I'm seeing it, I'm moving forward,
Time to get on my feet,
And start running again,
To start chasing again.
This time,
I know.
I'm going to reach it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

More to conquer....

Wow...can't believe i have survived through the pass few weeks. However, tougher challenge lies ahead, awaiting me. Life sure getting more and more interesting.

I'm a university student myself and i believe that most of you out there who are the same as me lead a lifestyle that probably have not much different from me. Rushing for assignment, studying overnight for exam, hanging around with friends, so on and on. Life sure is simple and the top priority is to ensure you a place for the next semester and a good grade.

So, have you ever think of what is life to you after you got out from university?

Job? Dream Career?
With limited experiences you possesed, are you eligible enough to compete with senior that's far more knowledgeable and informative than you do?

Now, spare some moment and start pondered about this question. Put aside exam, assignment, report, love and so on. Have you ever think of what is left in your life? What are the things you are left with? The things that you can do and ensure your future?

I'm asking this question here because from what i've observed, youths at my university are still slacking around and they are here simply because they needs a degree certificate to ensure their future. Now, let me ask you a question. Do you really think that after your graduation ceremony, this degree certificate is really going to ensure you a bright future and great success?

Of course not, we all know that degree certificate is just a ticket that grant you the entrance to where you wish to go but don't forget that there's time it'll become expire and useless. After that, what is left with you to continue on the path you want?

I felt that i'm tired and bored with the environment i'm in now. I needs inspiration but somehow i see none here. I felt that i'm always the one painting colors into peoples life and yet my life is painted with more grey and black in return. Frustration is the only thing i felt now. Annoyances is next.

An escape from here is the top things to do on my To-Do List. I missed my old friends so badly but they're all now on a mission of their own and interruption is not something i fancy doing. I need advise to shattered off this feeling of exhaustion. An advise from someone who can inspire me and not dampen my spirits even more.

'A tireless capacity to smile despite daily struggles. A spirit that cant be dampened by life's hardship'

It's easy to say than doing. Oh Gosh! Mum and dad......i'm sorry i have to say, i'm bored of the environment here. I wish that your offer is still eligible. I want to get lost!!! I want to get the hell out of this place!!!! Out of this circle!!!!! And move on with my life!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A very good April Fool experience.......

How i wish that there is a remote control for me to shut that moron's mouth who wouldn't stop screaming outside of my house now.

So nothing much for today beside getting a very good lecture from my statistics lecturer. I was kinda shocked to found my name honorably labeled under one of the 'URGENT!!!! PLEASE SEE ME LIST' by the lecturer. Is like.....'HUH???' to 'WHAT???' and to 'WHAT!!!!!!'

This is so impossible. How on earth could this happened?

So, i went to my tutor and she told me that there must be some mistake because my attendance is good. Since it's not a problem with my tutorial then i guess the reason behind this must be the stupid lecture.

So, I went to my lecturer and told her about this and she asked me to type her a letter and explain the reasons why i do not attend her lecture.

Now, is this an April Fool joke?

Oh c'mon.....!!! I attended your lecture everyday except for once during the Chinese New Year. Now, you are telling me that you're going to bar me from exam just because i missed out one lecture? Oh please lah......

After arguing with her for few minutes, none of us gave ways, so she just simply gave me a very good reason to flew away from this and asked me to type her a letter.

Oh great.....letter.....Yeah....i will type the letter but we'll just see what sort of letter i'll come out with.

Anyway, it'd been an awful day dealing with pilling homework and this 'bar' matter and the only thing i wanted to do is to dance and to let go of all my frustration but turn out dance class was cancel today because the room was occupied. Too bad! So here i am again, using blogging to express my frustration again.

This better be an April Fool joke because i'm so not pleased with another failure of UTAR system.

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