Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is the way i study.....

Never ever switch on your laptop while you're halfway through your study!

See. Now i'm blogging =_= when i should have been sticking my nose to my notes. Anyway, i got a purpose here.

Grace send me an email and asked about the way i study.

of which i found to say.......

to tell the true.......i'm always slacking and kind of like just rely plainly on my luck(pray to god most of times) so i don't really spent much times on my study. Anyway, here's my answer to those questions.

So, the first one. How did i excel in my studies?
Well, well, i never thought about that. do i excel? Well, i prefer not to answer that because i never did excel in my studies. Wakakakaka......

So, the next one. What's my secret recipe?
There's only one. 'STUDY LAST MINUTES' and this answer the next question as well.

and the next question. Do i do notes or revise everyday?
I do notes but i never really did go through them after that. I'll throw it away and use it to wrap 'things'(is nasty) up. Revise everyday? Oh~~nononono~~

next one.....memorizing stuffs.
Oh yeah, that happens to every students and is okay to forget a term or two. We forget to remember. That's the way our brain function and is normal to forget. It happened to everyone, so there's no needs to start hitting the panicking button.

For me, if i found it hard to remember, usually i'll just go online, go to google, type in the keyword, and start looking for articles related to that particular...i don't know....may it be a formula, a situation, a words, a condition, a functions or anythings........and then i'll start digging for more information on'll be surprise of what you can found.

Take for example, a chemical formula of which you have no idea of 'Why the heck you are memorizing it?, When and Where to apply?' and is so damn confusing that you feel like the more you look at it, the harder it get and the more dizzy your head get. Well, that happened to me and when that happened. That's the time i goes digging for more although my brain told me to forget about it and get some rest while my hearth tell me i should continues on. well....the true is if you cant understand that, it doesn't means you couldn't find a resolve on your own.

Well, there's infinite ways of finding a resolve. Going to the same old lame boring lecturer who got you confused in the first place probably wont help much. So, this post a question for you to pounder now. If this lame old boring lecturer cant help you. Who else? Friends.....the other lecturers......the top scorer in class.....or YOU yourself?

Trust me.....going to friend wont help much cuz they might be just as confuse as you, going to the other lecturer probably will just end up being shoo and going to the top scorer......Haha, you don't have the guts, do you? So, is all down to one and it is you, yourself. For me, if i couldn't memorize or couldn't understand that some thing ,some thing. I'll start thinking what is the purpose of learning this? Where can i apply or to more exact where it is imply? Then i'll just start working on my tools and start digging for the answer. I'll look for articles, videos, images and the very most important 'case study'. The deeper you dig, the more you get. Usually you'll be much happier in learning and willing to know more when you know where you can imply your knowledge on. By the end of all those digging, you'll probably have gone through so much that you already know how to dig a good hole. Well, well, hope all this crap really did help you out.

Anyway, the last question. Focus? Haha....the only problem with focusing is concentration. And there're a millions reason that caused this. Lack of interest is probably one of the reason. Boring lecturer is next. Friends that wont stop on and on. Well, i don't have problem focusing during lecture but i do have problem trying to concentrate on boring old lame lecturer or a boring topic that trigger my instinct to sleep.

Well, if that is the case then it's easy. Just go to and type in the keyword/title/topic you wanted to know. Click on a video you're interested and that is.

Take for example, tomorrow i'll be sitting for my statistics test taught by a boring lame lecturer who speak English with Indian slang so much that i found most of the times i spent in her class is to try figured out what the heck she'd just said than learning about how this explain this formula. So, until now my brain still failed to register anything from her besides

'Your test is on next lecture class' (which happen to be tomorrow)

On top of that, all this while she's been giving me hypnotherapy by lecturing on a topic i swear i'll hate the creator of it for the rest of my life. 'Probability'!!!!

Oh well, anyway, youtube just rescued me from misery. Check this out peoples.....

A near close example of my lecture(Preferable length of streaming: first 2 mins only)

My prefer way of learning......

And here....i found out what i could do with this.....

there's more but i don't want to burden my page with tons of video that caused my page to drag. So check it out yourself.

Hope this help Grace!

Ma étudiant...Bon courage!!!!

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  1. you said you cannot study when you switch on your laptop right?

    then how can you google?

    you are contradicting urself..

    but so far i haven't spot any spelling mistake yet. hurray for you... mayb i miss out , you dun have to be too happy.



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