Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Malaysia is not a good place to stay?

I just don't understand. Why is all my friends leaving Malaysia???

A: 'Hey~~~Gyee!!! I'm going to Australia. Wont be back until next CNY.'
B: 'Hahahaha.....i'm already in Taiwan. How am i suppose to come out for a drink?'
C: 'I'm leaving to Japan lo......been taking Japanese Language courses for the pass few months.'
D: 'I'm in England now! Yahoo~~~!!!'
E: 'The Egyptians speak English in a slang i can't understand. Help!!!'

and the one i hate the most.....

F: 'Guess where am i?'
Me: 'Hell'
F: '=_= Guess properly la'
Me: 'If it's not hell, then i guess you're in heaven then.'
F :'=_= I'll give you some hint. Open your webcam.'
Me: 'zzzzzz'
F: 'Tada!!!! In Malaysia i guess is 11.30pm now but LOOK!!!! IT'S STILL BRIGHT OVER HERE!'
Me: 'So?'
F: 'So? Where i am? Faster guess...'
Me : 'Planet Earth.'
F: '=_= bye bye. Not fun at all. I'm in U.K.'
Me : 'I want present. Latest Armani and LV bag'
F : 'Siao'
Me : 'Moron.'
F : 'Twerp'
Me : 'Imbecile'
F : 'Fine. I'll get you one from the black market.'
Me :' You'll be unwrapping them on your birthday.'
F : 'I don't want to talk to you anymore.'
Me : 'As if i want to...'
F : 'Bye bye.'
Me : 'You'd said that 6minutes ago and you're still here.'
F : 'No bag for you'
Me : 'No bag for you then.'
F : 'Zzzzzzzz.......I hate you.'
Me : 'Hmmp.....I doubt that.'
F : 'Zzzzzzz.......bye bye.'

and some would just come to me and start speaking in another language.....

G: 'Hallo. wie geht es dir?'
Me: 'What does that suppose to mean?'
G: 'Is German. And this means how are you. I teach you before right?'
Me : 'Cant recall.'
G: 'I'm now in German, furthering my study in automotive.'
Me : 'No, you did not!'
G: 'Yes, i am. Tell you what. My lecturer is afraid of thunder.'
Me :'For how long? Why you never told?'
G : 'You're the one who never pick up my phone call.'
Me: 'Okay, i admit that. So....'
G: 'so what?'
Me: 'How long you'd been in German?'
G: 'Not too long. A month like that.'
Me: 'Found anything interesting there?'
G: 'Haven't got the time to explore yet. You want present don't you?'
Me: 'Haha. You do know me.'
G: 'I'll buy you a German Flag~~~'
Me: 'Go die lar!!!'

Well, i'm the only one left stranded in Malaysia and i just hate it when peoples ask

A: 'Hey, where's your friend? Get them and come out for the party la...'
B: 'I always see you staying at home, why you never go out?'

and my parents, whenever theirs friends come

A: 'I always see your daugther at home. She's a good kid. Mine always went out. Not until sunset they wont be back.'
Dad & Mum: 'That's because she dont have friends. Hahahahahahaha. My girls love to be alone.'
A: 'Why? So weird....i tot young people nowadays love to be around with friend more than they do with their family.'
Dad & Mum: Well, mine one don't. Hahahahaha...'

The fact is......You all go die lar.......Chinese New Year also dint come back. Malaysia is not a good place to stay is it? Why is everyone leaving????


  1. wahahahaha... I can't stop laughing and I'm drinking right now? I almost spilled all water out from my mouth.. ok now I swallowed it. Wahahahahaha....

    you go die la... get scholarship and study masters next time la. luckily all fren of mine that went out was not really close to me so they won't have to chance to show off to me like you have. hahaha...

  2. I checked the Yayasan Scholarship edi. To apply for Master scholarship. You'll need a CGPA of 3.65 and above.

    By the way, i'm not planning to further my study after degree. If i strike the lottery, wuahahaha...i'll be gone from here. AK cadetship is going to be reopen soon right after the SPM result is release on this Thursday.

    Keeping an eye on the vacancy space. I'm going to reapply again. I haf a feeling that this year is going to be a great year!!! Who know?

    Either one of us will win the by the way, if your name is on the list. Make sure you get your lazy butt on the flight and off to France for 1 weeks lecture on French Language. Wakakaka!!!

  3. what the hell!! I'm not any interested in French language but I don't mind for the sake of free trip. how was it chosen? like lucky draw? random pick?

  4. =.= in deed... malaysia is not a good place to leave... LOL



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