Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last day of March....あたし~

Trying to cook my instant pasta.....(Now pasta also got instant one liao ah~~~)

But end up boiling my kettle...


Now i'm stuffing biscuit into my mouth.....(Pathetic)

Well, well, so today Properties of Matter test was pretty easy. I got it done in less than 35 minutes.

Rushed back home because it's going to rain. Don't wanna ended up like yesterday.

This Saturday will be my first time sitting for French test.

Got myself one more report today.....argghhhh....when it is going to end?? Report...exam....assignment.....endlessly....

but goes on

Let me just summarize up all the things that i gotta get it done before the end of next week....

April 3 French test (Rotting)
April 5 Chemistry report (Partially complete)
April 6 Oral Presentation (Done)
April 7 Biodiversity report. Statistic Test. (Bang head)
April 10 French Assignment (Procrastinate)
April 12 Properties of Matter report. Statistic Assignment. Biodiversity Test. (Die)
April 14 Biodiversity report (Ignore)

Then...FINAL EXAM....argghhhh~~~~

Anyway, i got a bunch of friends to cheer me up along the way because they are just as suffering as i do.....Muahahahahaha~~~~HAHAHAHA

My face just kept appearing in their blogs recently....and i must say....they seem to have a collection of all my ugly photos. =_=|||

Here....Here....and here....

One of them even combine my ugly photos to a GIF image and used it as an MSN ZHA DAO~~~

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